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  • 650b fork fit question
  • Junkyard

    I assume you mean wont clear the brace not hit the crown
    I have no idea to the answer

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    I believe that this is what you need to be mindful off.

    Agreed its worst case scenario but you still wouldn’t want it happening.

    Fox forks seem to fit 650b if your careful about the above. White Bros.

    I have a set of Z2 Bams that nicely fit a 650b with a decent width tyre :mrgreen:

    Lyriks, 36s and Devilles will take a 650b wheel. Often a travel reducer has to be fitted to prevent the fork getting the last 5 or 10mm of travel so that the tyre doesn’t touch the crown at full compression.
    I believe some of the smaller forks also have space but possibly only with smaller tyres on the 650b wheels.


    I thought the arch was the limiting factor lyriks


    I believe x-fusion velvet can be modified for 650b with a travel reducer.

    or Fox Forx as you’ll never get full travel out of them anyway :handbags:

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    We have probably had this before but what nominally 26″ forks will take a 650b wheell with a reasonable sized tyre? The back wheel looks like it will easily go in my HT frame but the Rebas look a little tight.I understand you have to make allowance for the wheel hitting the crown presomably by some kind of travel limiter?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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