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  • £6,500 to spend on a campervan…
  • lucien

    Decent Bongo for that sort of £££’s


    To sleep 2 adults and 2 young kids…

    What to do?
    Can’t face the faff of buying a panel van and converting it but seems like it might be the only option..

    What thinks the might STW?

    You could buy a decent bike for that 😉


    A bongo maybe tight for all 4 of you plus luggage.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Bongo with a decent drive away awning that the kids can sleep in . I think you can put a storage box on the rear of the bongo to free up travelling space .

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Personally, I found the Bongo too tight for 4. Pitching an awning removed some of the reasons for using a van, so we bought a tipi instead.

    I’m thinking of going the lwb panel van conversion route.

    Look on ebay for ‘race van’ and see what comes up. All the conversions are different, but some look ideal as long as you can cope with a long van and not all the creature comforts.


    Look on GumTree for local sales. You can get quite a decent van for that sort of money, so long as you avoid overpriced VWs.
    This only sleeps 2, but you get the idea:

    They will come in a bit under your budget but have a look at Autosleeper Ramblers/Autohomes Avalon or the other Talbot express/fiat ducato based conversions. You get everything that a motorhome has but in the footprint if a normal campervan. They are very handy biking vans!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Talking to a guy who’d got a big Iveco for 4k already converted. Stay away from popular models and be patient


    Talbot express? They can be had for 3k, which leaves you spare £££ for a new bike.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    If you want a small footprint van A bit of haggling will get you a 2.4d VW T4 California Club for that cash. Can’t think of anything else on that footprint that I’d tolerate having 2 children in, certainly not a SWB VW or a Bongo.

    I haven’t had a larger LT/Iveco size van, they do seem to be cheaper than the equivalent smaller vans but mostly home conversions at that price.


    Wow! I so love this forum.
    No matter what the question… Always a winner, often funny. Brilliant.

    Check home conversions in person as some can be fairly rough! Also you need to satisfy yourself that any gas installation is safe, and that larger vans are not overweight. Extremely easy to put a lwb iveco over, loads of space but only 1100kg payload which doesn’t go far.

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