£650 laptop…sorry…I meant potatoes

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  • £650 laptop…sorry…I meant potatoes
  • Premier Icon scaredypants

    wrong kind of chip ?

    disappointed they didn’t get an apple ?

    (sorry, I’ll feltch my coat)

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Who pays £650 quid for a laptop off a stranger in the street! They clearly though they were getting a slightly dodgy bargain.

    The first rule of the scam artist is that you can’t scam an honest man

    Read this on the Cambridge News website this morning

    Can’t believe they didn’t check the bag until later, whole story sounds a bit suspect to me



    Even if they did get the laptop it would have to be pretty special to be worth that much – even if bought from a retailer with warranty, etc. Pretty stupid really.

    quite a common form of theft by deception, usual one is video cameras, they show you a camera in a bag, take the money then swap the bag for an identical one with half a brick in it. If you are buying stolen goods off the street you’re not likely to be keen to hang around and check the contents, deserve what they get mind.



    Couple victims of laptop ‘potato’ fraud in Huntingdon

    A man and a woman paid £650 for what they believed to be a laptop computer – only to discover they had been sold a bag of potatoes.

    The couple were approached on Tuesday by a man in Huntingdon High Street who offered to sell them a laptop.

    They viewed the laptop in a rucksack and withdrew £650 in cash from a bank to pay the man.

    They later found potatoes and cardboard in the bag. Police appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

    The seller was described as white, aged about 30, at least 6ft with reddish brown hair and stubble. He wore light blue jeans.


    deserve what they get mind.


    For accepting stolen goods and for being so damn thick.

    This was on the real hustle or something ages ago. Congratulations to the seller for copying it and more importantly, finding a couple of mugs stupid enough to sell to…

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