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  • jekkyl

    I can think of lots of sarky mild amusing (or not) answers to that question but I’ll refrain and say No, none. 🙁


    we will never know but probably is my guess


    Well its been 60 years since the ascent of Everest.

    Was it the first ?

    Did Mallory indeed leave a picture of his wife on the top ?

    Anyone got any firsts themselves ?


    I was first in the triple jump at sports day in my final year of school.

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    Be nice if he did, but to be honest I doubt it. I believe they where seen getting over the first step but went out of sight on the second. I’ve never seen it personally but have watched a few documentaries and read/heard people who have climbed talk of it, It looks incredibly difficult for even modern climbers who have studied it and with modem equipment (ladder looks a lot better). i fear their equipment and knowledge may not have been up to it. Be good to be wrong through 😉

    Doesn’t really matter. As any Mountaineer will tell you it’s getting back down alive that’s the hard part.


    I think the doc was Leo Holding and Conrad Anker (?) attempting the most difficult step, which they struggled on, but succeeded (not sure how much for dramatic TV effect tho). First impressions were, no way, but then I thought that hard climbing back then, at those standards, was so free of modern equipment and always so ‘on the edge’ by modern standards, that it might be entirely probable and conditions may have changed for the worse. Then, thinking about all the other stuff, unreliable heavy oxygen equipment, clothing, Urvine being young and not a seasoned climber, too much stuff was ultimately working against them. Having climbed extensively and observed in the alps, I’m not even totally convinced about Noel Odells brief observations of two dots moving above the step, being absolute.

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