60 road miles on an mtb what slick tyres

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  • 60 road miles on an mtb what slick tyres
  • Decathlon do slick commuter tyres at a reasonable price. Plenty of air in them and jobs a good’un.

    Surely the could take a 1.5? I had some continentals from ribble cycles, £15 ea inc inner tube, brilliant they were


    Wouldn’t worry. I completed 50miles of a British heart foundation ride today on conti MK 2.2s. Another rider completed It on his lapierre (zesty I think) with rubber queens.

    Just means you’ll have to pedal a bit harder.


    CRC were doing Schwalbe Marathons for £11.50 – I used City Jets for a 100k charity jaunt last summer.

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    Maybe fire on some fast mtb thing, that way it’s more likely to be useful in future?


    I need to cycle with some some roadies for sixty miles. My rims can only take 2.0 to 2.5. Anyone running any slick, semi slicks that work well but don’t cost too much (I only need to complete the sixty miles I don’t need to keep up with them, my concern is the 2.35 high roller st’s may kill me)


    Where are you based? Someone might be able to lend you something if its just for 1 ride otherwise I reckon Northwind has it, buy some fast rolling summer tyres like Specialized Fast Trak or Kenda SB8 for example.


    Iirc you can use any tyre wider than your rim. I’ve used that principle on both 26″ & 29″ with no problems.

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    Schwalbe Super Motos.

    Read up about them before dismissing them. 🙂

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    Another vote for Kenda Small Block 8.


    Schwalbe Kojak. Anything else is pointless


    I use Panaracer Razers pumped up hard, great for any sneaky bits of singletrack on my commute home.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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