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    So I’ve rather foolishly decided to enter a 60 mile charity bike ride (http://www.sueryder.org/Get-involved/Events/All-events/2013/May/Ride-for-Ryder-Nettlebed). I thought some training would be a good idea. It’s all on-road and is due to take place on 12th May. I’ll be doing it on my MTB with some slick, or as close as possible, tyres.

    Currently I ride to work 2-3 times a week which entails a 10 mile ride each way along a canal tow path and old railway line, plus a bit of road either end. Looking on-line (http://www.doitforcharity.com/cycling-training-guide.aspx) seems to suggest some moderate rides in the week and a longer ride at the weekend. Ramping it up over 10 weeks until you hit the 60-70 mile mark.

    My main concern is whether 2×10 mile rides in a week day will be as effective as a 1×20 mile ride. My gut says it won’t as my endurance is the main thing I’ll be looking to increase.

    Any training and other general advice greatly welcomed.


    How do you feel after the 10 miles? In my experience it’s only after that sort of distance that your legs start to warm up. I have been steadily increasing my cycling since mid last year. I found that the 30 mile mark was a tough one to crack, followed by the 80 mile. I commute 2-3 times per week which is circa 15 miles each way. I found by increasing the intensity of this, coupled with a steadily increased distance at the weekend helped me to progress 🙂

    Do 20. Then a 30. Then a 40. Make sure you do a couple of 50 milers before the big day. Really 60 miles is not that far. If you pedal for 4 hours at a steady pace in any direction you will end up roughly 60 miles away.


    it’s not as hard as some would make out. you’ve got a decent amount of time to build up over.

    Can you commute more? can you extend your commute home?

    you don’t need to build up to the full 60 (although it will help)

    if you can do 40, you’ll do 60.

    You could just turn up and do it without any worries.
    Eat loads
    Drink plenty
    Take your time.

    Riding at 10mph is easy, just do that for 6 Hours.

    But you will enjoy it more if you are fit and ready. The advice above about adding ten miles every weekend is good.

    By the sound of it you could probably ride 60 miles tomorrow if push came to shove but if you wanted to make it a bit easier, more enjoyable and probably more beneficial to your health then I’d suggest trying to add a long ride once a week. Steadily increasing the distance until you’re up to your target.

    For the sake of argument lets say you can comfortably do between 25-30 miles at the moment. If you increase that total by 7.5% each week you’ll hit 60 miles bang on your event date.

    Something like the sequence below.
    27, 29, 31, 33, 36, 39, 41, 45, 48, 52, 55, 60


    I did a 56 mile charity ride last summer having never ridden further than 30 miles before the big day.
    If you can do 30/40 miles you’ll do 60 – the event will drag you along…


    being serious, 60 isn’t hard.

    take it easy, eat, drink and you could do it now.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I ride to work 2-3 times a week and usually get a 40 mile road ride in at weekends. That kind of base can see me comfortably cover 60 miles at a steady pace. You aren’t as far off as you think.

    b r

    Maybe double up your padded shorts.

    Premier Icon jeffl

    Thanks for all the advice. So I think I’ll try and increase the distance of my route to work and start doing some longer rides at the weekend. Oh and get some chamois cream.


    Premier Icon Blackhound

    A lot of good advice above. If you get to 40-50 miles 2 weeks before you will be fine. 10 weeks is enough time to prepare. If you can be bothered intervals once a week would be beneficial as well.

    As CtBN says don’t forget to eat and drink regularly. I usually have 2 bottles for that distance. Years ago I used to regularly do 60-70 miles and wanted to do 100 miles. Read an article that said if you can do 60 easily enough then to do 100 just go a bit slower, not to hard on hills early doors, and eat and drink. And this worked.


    I agree with others about the distance, 60 miles is pretty straightforward to step up to if you keep the pace steady.

    The terrain around Nettlebed and the Chilterns is probably the slightly bigger challenge. It’ll be quite rolling, with climbs lasting half a mile to a mile, with elevation variations of a few hundred feet. Nothing extreme, jagged, or particularly high, but it is a hilly area.

    You mention you ride mostly on a towpath so I’m assuming it’s mostly flat. In your position I’d probably focus less on building up to the distance (people regularly roll up to the London to Brighton on BSOs with no training at all, and make it fine), and more on getting comfortable with that sort of climbing, so that you know the right pace and riding position and gear selection to keep it sustainable.

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