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  • 6 Weeks to train for 24/12 – hints/tips/plan please
  • Roter Stern

    Lots of long low intensity rides of up to 5-6 hours to get you used to staying in the saddle for a long time and improve your endurance. Some high intensity rides (hill reps and sprints) maybe once or twice a week building up each week but the type of event you are doing endurance is the main thing you should be concentrating on. Also try riding two or three times a day/evening to get your body used to the type of riding you’ll be doing as well as night rides. Above all plenty of rest inbetween.


    Whatever you do in 6 weeks won’t make much difference.

    I would say do a couple of long rides, a few interval sessions and rest up the week before.


    I am reasonably fit but not ridden much over the last couple of weeks. I am in a pair for 24/12 (doing the 12 hr race) and want to improve my fitness.
    Have a road and MTB – what should i be doing?
    No – “just ride more” cheers as i will be doing, just need to know how much and what sort of riding?
    Booze is out until after the event (need to do that for myself also!! lol), eating well (low fat high fibre etc)

    Not training to win, just be competitive and not feel like shite.

    Point me to the bible!


    i know it wont make much difference but it is bound to make some al, laos a psychological boost. If it made no difference footballers would not do 6 weeks of pre season raining would they?


    I’ve got a 12h race in 5 weeks and everything that is planned to the moment is one epic off-road ride, 7 hours I hope, this Thursday. Every other sessions will be shorter just because after this ride I won’t have time for such long distance. I’m very fit at the moment though.

    If I had time I’d go for another 6.5-7 hr off-road ride and do back to back days off-road for 3-4 hours every other weekend for the next 4 weeks and then taper for 1.5-2 weeks. Some short races prior to the start should help too (I’ve got a short race and a marathon scheduled before my race).

    Everything you can really do can only be fitted within the next 4 weeks. For the last 2 weeks before the race – you can only rest, hope and pray 🙂

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    You can boost your top end and recovery quite markedly in six weeks, but whether there’s much point in doing that depends a bit on how you’re intending to ride/race. Pairs is quite brutal because you never really get a proper rest, well, if you run doubles you get something like it, but anyway, that’s tactics not training.

    Try doing some brutal intervals, say 20 second hill sprints with 40 second recovery between reps, five minutes between sets, three of, followed by a steady road ride, say 90 minutes. Then up the intervals to 30 secs with 30 secs revovery followed immediately by a two-hour steady, just a couple of times a week.

    But really, you’re best off consulating a coach. Or… oh it’s pointless really :-/

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