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  • crush83

    Hi guys,

    I’m no runner and quite a lager fella at 110kg.

    Been on the tredmill trying to loose some weight and gain some cardio for the bike.

    I have run 5k twice this week, once at 25min 19sec and the second at 24min 04sec

    Now is that a reasonable time or just pants?


    Not so bad.

    Premier Icon CHB

    pretty good time.


    I would say so. I run 10km fun runs in around 50ish minutes.


    Nice, when I have about 14/15 at school, I got down. to 18mins


    That’s not a bad time at all if you’re new to running. And your weight is a lot more than most runners would be carrying.
    Keep it up and good luck 🙂


    Thats not bad. Same weight and 5min/1000m is good for me.


    Cool, I don’t think I will beat it for a few weeks but I will keep at it.

    Neil F

    Your a big guy, thats a fairly decent time, nice one.
    I’m currently trying to get back into a fit state after about 3 or 4 months out of running. I did a Parkrun 5K a few weeks back to give me a foundation time as I’d never ran an official 5K before, even though I’ve ran Marathons and halfs, and a few 10k’s……
    My time was 26m58secs.
    Quite slow, but I reckon I can have that down to about 23mins by the end of March. I’m about 95kg just now, my marathon weight in May 2011 was 85kg.
    good luck, keep it up. 😉

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    The park runs that Neil mentions are good if you can get to one. Did a few last year and was kicking off on 27, 28 mins (also weighing in at 100 +) and got it down to 22.30 ish without too much effort ( the actual run obliterated me but I mean it didn’t take much training or anything to see improvements, just reg park running on Saturdays). Running against people in a ‘race’ makes a massive difference – you can sit in with a group and get swept along with them.


    treadmill times are bollocks


    treadmill times are bollocks

    Good point well made…if a little curt 😉


    Good time for a big lad.
    Are you running outside or on a treadmill?

    EDIT- read your post sorry….
    Start running outside- it is different as the ground isn’t moving beneath you.
    And it feels awesome!

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    As for dirtyrider. The times are good but I think you might find “real” times to be a bit slower. I can’t remember where I read it but I think you need at least 1% or 2% gradient to give a more realistic comparison.


    102kg occasional runner/jogger. 5k takes me about 30 mins +/- 2 mins on pavements.

    Premier Icon nickc

    It’s a great time, real times are a little slower than treadmills, but it doesn’t really matter. Doing the running bit is important, not the time.


    Well done!

    I started Parkrun in January and been chipping away each week, my best is 24.01. I’ve signed up for a 10km next month so trying to increase my distance and speed.

    The Parkrun time can be cut down once the course dries out as we have 2 big muddy patches either side of a rugby pitch.

    I also find Strava* a good training tool
    *other apps do the same thing

    Premier Icon bryan-g-

    Probably a baw hair under 18 minutes, never tried but 4 miles takes me 23:47 and that’s with a couple of big hills thrown in. Today it would probably take me an hour health not good.

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