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  • JonEdwards

    After 18 months of, once a week use (also use spds some of the time) one of the soles on my Freeriders is splitting across the ball of the foot.

    Now to me this feels like a bit of a short lifespan. I’d say 2-3 years would be an acceptable minimum for a £70 pair of shoes. Thoughts…?

    Sadly they were bought s/hand (but unused) off the classifieds, so no comeback with 5:10. Thing is, I really like riding in them – grippy and comfy, so I’m quite likely to end up shelling out for another pair, unless anyone can convince me that the Shimano option is wonderful (tried Tevas, didn’t like them – not grippy enough)?


    I got similar use out of mine (5.10 impact low) until the sole began to come away from the shoe, also bought new, riding max 3 times a week, I was also dissapointed! I’m trying some Sombrios now as they were only £50 in the sale.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Sounds ok to me TBH, they do take some stick – soft rubber on steel pins…..

    Get them resoled?



    They do get used in horrible conditions and take a lot of abuse (their main job is to stand on an aluminium block full of spikes)in 18 months. They’re also made from really soft, grippy rubber so I think 18 months isn’t bad. My impacts tend to last between 18-30 months although they’re probably used an average of 2 times a week.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    I have had a couple of pairs and I think tey have lasted very well, several years. The older pair is a bit tatty now, rubber coming away on top of the toes on one. Otherwise they are pretty well put together.


    I get around 5-8 months out of mine before they split – get ’em from biketart when they are cheap and i don’t mind too much. Keep on meaning to get another pair of AM45s as they last a lot longer.

    I now keep my 5.10 Impacts for decent conditions only because they are IMO, unsuitable for British conditions. I have some non-cycling 5.10 Guide Tennies from a sale for the wet season. They lack the foot support, are not quite so grippy, but are half the weight and dry out easily.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My Impacts were badly made tbh, low quality materials and just not very durable. They fell apart after one winter, like my Ba5ics did, the constant wetness just seemed to destroy them in half a dozen different ways.

    But my Freeriders have surprised me, they’ve already lasted twice as long as either of those and they’re still in good shape. Don’t know if that’s just specific to that model or if they’ve upped their game across the board.

    (OTOH if I’d been wearing Impacts this august I don’t think I’d have broken my toe in the alps!)

    I can’t comment much on longevity but my Sombrios feel like a much more quality item, and after 6 months they’re still looking like new. But they’re hard to find now in sensible sizes, a real shame, they’re easily the best riding shoes I’ve had.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    They last me a season of guiding. Just.

    My Sam Hill’s seemed to be in good shape after a season’s use, so I tried hanging on to them for another year. Bad idea.


    Sounds about right to me too, had my Sam Hills for 18 months and they’re just starting to look tatty having been used 2 times a week.
    They’re so good I’d still be happy if I only got 6 months out of them.

    Premier Icon richwales

    18 months is about the same for my 2 pairs. its not even just the sole coming away – the bottom of the shoe completely disintegrated after a wet winter. “new improved lighter more resisitant to wet weather design” coming in 2014 apparently .

    Premier Icon darrell

    my impacts have lasted over 5 years

    most have been better in the old days


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