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  • 500 sale from ON-ONE…..
  • ….dont expect to receive your goods you purchased, expect to have to contact them and ask where they are, expect to be told its not in stock, dont expect to be refunded straight away, shocking.

    ordered some bars on staurday ( to replace some damaged ones) , confirmed the order on monday, and was advised they would be sent out, on wednesday i sent a mail to ask where they were, got a mail a day later, to say they actually were not in stock and i wasnt getting them. now im stuck waiting for my refund with no handlebars for my bike for a ride on sunday. i will never buy anything from them again.


    thats a shame …. my light batterys ordered saturday arrived today (dont worry smudge ill be in touch i still want some off you …i just had my card cloned in dubai so im skint ! )

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    Thanks for the warning, I’d be happy to expect the stuff I ordered on sunday not to turn up, unfortunately it arrived this morning…

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    They’ve got a sale on so they’ll be busy. Dispatch times may be longer.

    The fact you now have no bars is not their fault. They could have as easily been delayed by Royal Mail and you’d still not have them for the weekend.

    If you want something now, use a real shop. For excellent service 95% of the time, use mail order.

    troll? the fact that i got an email to CONFIRM that the bars were in and that he was sending them on monday led me to believe i was getting good service, the fact i have now been stiffed with no way of getting some others as i have no money to use til i get a refund! put yourself in my shoes before you start calling me a troll. royal mail i can handle, being lied to and having my money taken and not knowing when i will get it back, i cant.

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    Got my deore groupset today, waited maybe two days.
    Got a bike full of bits supercheap.
    Packing was a bit non existant, oh and the postman woke me at 7:30.
    Good work though.


    got mine today and packing was indeed amateurish (they certainly recycle)… never used before no real opinion one way or the other.


    Ordered 4 chains one week ago, confirmed order 1 day later, 8 days later sorry not in stock, strangely exactly the same as CRC with same product in the flood sale.


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    got all my kit delivered on tuesday, ordered at the weekend.

    Packaged by a kid with a bag fettish, but Ive got some nice stuff for not a lot of cash. If it didnt I wouldnt go bleating like a whiny little girl though. Sometimes northerners can be just a bit crap.*

    On-One in arse/elbow relocation shocker. 🙂

    *Ive heard southerners can be too…

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    Agree about the packing but put my order in on Friday and it all arrived yesterday. Having said that, have missed out on some parts in previous sales they’ve had.

    Win some lose some……?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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