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  • 50 th Birthday Bike trip
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    Im 50 next year and have been on biking holidays in the past but only really on Skinny wheels to calpe and tenerife. Anyhoo , Ive always wanted to ride in the Sierra Nevada and pretty familiar with the area having holidayed in Nerja and Malaga a good few times. Im not a downhill god but I can ride most of the tweed valley adequately. Id be looking to taking my own bike (a Trek Slash) and fly from Edinburgh.
    Now im aware there are two main guiding companies in the area and have had friends use both with equally great results. Any advice from the folks on here. Im open to other areas but not really interested in the Morzine bike park route mainly as I cant jump .
    Thanks in advance.

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    I know the Skedaddle gang and they do Sierra Nevada. Is that one of your two?

    Tempted myself actually, at easter..

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    but not really interested in the Morzine bike park route mainly as I cant jump

    don’t be so negative, everyone can jump, it’s the landing that catches people out 😀

    Few mates over in SIerra Nevada’s atm. Great weather and trails by all reports. All have been to Finale in Italy a few times which is the go to destination these days. Should be able to give a recommendation of one over the other on Sunday when they’re back. Our group’s May trip will be to one or the other based on reports back.

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    We went with Pure Mountains and have been back. Amazing trails, proper singletrack and not a groomed berm in sight. The farmhouse accom is great and it is a bit more civilised with great food and guiding – highly recommend here. Enduro mag visited and have an article in the latest edition too.

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    Thanks folks the two I thought of were Ride Sierra and Switch-backs. Finale has been recommended and I also like the look of Hans Reys Casserollo in Livigno . Lots to choose from I guess.

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    Marco at Ciclo Montana is a gem, as are his good lady wife Jackie too. And if you time it right, the Swedish womens volleyball team. They’re frequently there.

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    We went to ciclo and did not have a good time. We had 1 guide for a group that got split due to a puncture. And Marco (mark) wasn’t helpful. Ride light, all down apart from the ups and Swedish volleyball team are all pretty much our slang for “bullshit” now.

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    +1 for Ciclo Montana, they’re great, been with them twice there and also on their Morocco trip.

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    And Marco (mark) wasn’t helpful.

    That’s contrary to my experience and I’ve been there 3 times.

    Do you mean he didn’t fix your puncture?

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    I’ve been with Sierra cycling a few times some years ago great fun not far from the location you want , they are in FB also

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