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  • £50 bike hire in London for 24 hours – what the hell?
  • foxyrider

    Boris’s bikes are wheeled out for their first dry run

    £150 for late return – maybe just buy an old bike rather than that piece of sh1Te 🙄

    Edit: sorry prob a unfair – Tired – friday afternoon 😳

    See's got no Helmet on – she's going to die surely! 😉


    but she is doing a good track stand 😉

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Or, you could use it for 30 minutes for nowt, or an hour for £1. If you want to hire a bike in London for multiple hours, these are the wrong ones to be hiring. The idea of the pricing is to encourage them to be used for short hops. I've seen the bikes up close, and they're really good – in a solid, practical way. 😀


    do you get a maintenance or puncture repir kit with it? I presume they have bike stations in close proximately if you have a punture or mechanical fault?


    The title is perhaps a little misleading? other rates seem perfectly reasonable, especially cosidering the cost of public transport.

    Users will pay an access fee to join the scheme — £1 a day, £5 a week or £45 a year — with all journeys of half an hour free and those up to an hour costing £1. The charges will rise sharply for longer periods — £4 for 90 minutes, £10 for up to 150 minutes and £50 for 24 hours.


    i take it you ride it to another bike area and leave it there rather than return it too where you got it from?

    do you get a maintenance or puncture repir kit with it?

    Would you want to hire a bike that some random person has repaired? What if they forgot to secure the front wheel!

    Also, £50 ain't far off what alot of bike shops would charge you to demo a bike for the day.


    I write for the daily mail – sorry 😳 Maybe I'll think before I rant – good new story anyway 🙂


    We've got these in cardiff £18 a year, first 30mins free and all day for a fiver .


    +1 for BigD's comments above, fully agree. It's great for getting people to realise that bikes are really good for short hop journeys. The aim from there is to translate that in to more people using their own bikes to hop around. All good!


    Yes, all good IMO. A fair price for short trips, which is sort of the point. As for the lack of a helmet, at least London doesn't have the problem of Melbourne's public bike scheme – Australia has compulsory helmet laws, meaning that someone hiring a bike has to bring their own helmet or buy one before they hire… clever eh!


    works just like in paris – for short hops ideal


    I can't wait for all the moomins using these bikes to invade the capital's roads


    Used the same system in Montreal, works really well. Just hop on an available bike and ride to your destination. Dock the bike. Perfect.


    What happened was someone (a politician most likely) said "we need to hire these bikes out to look as if we're doing our bit to offset carbon emissions".

    Someone else – a politician said "If it's too cheap no-one will use the tube or bus. And in turn, no-one will by petrol at £1.08 a litre. Which is very bad indeed".

    Another politician said "Better put a disincentive in place for people not to use these bikes then!"

    Billhooks. £50 might be a reasonable amount to hire a £3k Yeti for a weekend, but for Joe Public it's a disgrace. I'm all in favour of more Londoners opting to cycle (I'd go so far as to say that cycling around a city centre should be a compulsory element of a driving test), but I cannot and will not abide a £50 surcharge. End of.

    cyclists hate cyclists

    b r

    The bit I was confused about was the access fee, why bother?

    'cos its not 'free' for the first 1/2 hour, but a £1.


    perhaps its to get a CC deposit?


    is that pedestrian walking the wrong way up the middle of a one way street?


    has anyone heard of a scheme thats being launched over on the continent? in Paris its called Le Velib and in Barcelona its called Bicing seems like an excellent idea… i think it may already have been launched in Bristol? not sure though… however this sounds like the same thing however the prices seem to be alot more than other places.

    basically you pay for a week/year/month subrsciption with your card which is normally a small amount then there are heaps and heaps of bike stations across the city with about 20 bikes at each station depending on how busy it is. You go along with your card swipe it in the machine at the bike station then take your bike for however long you need it and the longer you use it the more you pay obviously but the charges are pretty low then once yor finished you take it back to your nearest bike station and swipe your card again and it charges straight to your card (this way they can charge you if you loose/keep the bike) …. and wahey you have an awesome bike rental scheme, it seems extremely popular in paris and barcelona having been to both places and seen the bike in heavy use.
    hopefully london will follow as i think its a great idea!
    http://www.en.velib.paris.fr/ – the french one
    http://www.bicing.com/home/home.php – barcelone (in spanish though)

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