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  • 5 Years Ago – how much has changed?
  • Same bike, but wider bars, slightly longer forks and a dropper

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I think I was just about to drag my 90s Carrera out of the back of my dad’s garage and fix it up for commuting. Which led to me getting overexcited and blowing a mighty £200 on a slightly newer used Carrera, and a trip to Glentress with an old mate…

    Premier Icon stevied

    5 years ago I had one bike, a Reign. Now I still have one bike but it is the bike I’d wanted at the time, an Intense 6.6
    I’m still riding the same trails on the Malverns but doing it all faster and enjoying it more..

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    ah the 04 enduro, that was sat in the cupboard while I was out travelling, built it up when we got home and snapped it 🙂

    How time flies. My Prophet was new 5 years ago.

    Still got it. Only thing still original is the frame and forks. Tubeless, wider bars, shorter stem, dropper etc.

    Sometimes I feel like a change, but it’s still pretty good to be fair.

    Premier Icon Pook

    My video camera got better. As did my bike. And my riding skills. And my editing skills. And my taste in music. Still got the same camelbak though 🙂




    My 2007 Heckler sold it the end of 2009 bought it feb 2007, had a good time on it , even went to the Alps 😀

    Premier Icon postierich

    Gone from mainly riding this around cannock

    sswc simonbarnes by Richard Munro, on Flickr
    To this in the Lakes 🙂

    1385055_10203364503382520_182459469_n by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    5 years,still living in the UK and most likely killing myself commuting to and working in East London, yuck. Doing loads of riding though, swinley and the chilterns and pretty regular trips down to bristol. I think thats when my mates discovered rowberrow and the tracks there.

    Now out in WA, working less, for more money bur riding less and probably not as fit. As trade off’s go it could be worse ha.

    5 years ago:
    No kids
    Self employed
    1 x hardtail
    Out at least twice a week

    1 kid
    2 x full sus
    1 x road bike
    Out once a month if I’m lucky

    2009 was a simpler time and I was probably fitter, but I guess there’s not much I’d change


    5 years ago i was still riding my full suss Heckler at Glentress etc but not much as riding my first Katate Monkey rigid 29er on coastal trails here in East Lothian.

    Was also riding my Surly Pugsley fatbike alone around the coast and trails here in East Lothian alone and looked at like a freak by other (usualy road) riders 😆 🙂

    Now there is loads of folk riding fatbikes around the coast and trails here in East Lothian and are also looked at like freaks by other (usualy road) riders 😆 🙂
    Est 60 -80 freaks turning up at Forth Fat in 2 weeks, so guess some things have changed for some in the tyre width department 🙂

    Sold all bikes with suspension now as no need for our singletrack trails around here and never go to trail centres anymore. I bought/built some drop bar off roadable bikes and enjoying them as suited to our trails and green lanes and hill tracks i can ride to from home.
    Still cycle nearly every day to work and often detour off road on the way home.

    Film quality of my compact cameras have improved a bit, spelling is still as bad on the blog 🙂

    5 years ago

    last month same trail, different Monkey, different set up – newer compact camera


    5 years ago I was hacking my new Parlee Roadie over the South Downs and riding my Gunnar SS 29er. Now I’m riding my new Cervelo R5ca over the South Downs and riding my NinerSS.

    So nothing has changed, although I do have a TCX Advanced which I have just introduced to the trails…


    5 years ago I didn’t have a road bike. Now I have 3 🙂


    5 yrs ago I had 3 bikes, currently in the shed I also have 3 bikes.
    In 2009 the bikes were:
    Sx trail
    Orange 5
    Identiti 666 (dj bike)

    In 2014 they are:
    Alpine 160
    Ti slackline
    Spesh p1

    In 2009 I did a skills course with Ed Oxley as I felt that I had stopped improving and fancied someone analysing my riding, giving me some tips on improving and a push in the right direction. It seemed to work and my riding has gone from strength to strength since. In 2009 the dj bike was a dust gatherer and I never got the confidence to use it properly so it got sold, I bought the p2 last summer and actually got into riding dirt jumps properly and am looking forward to getting it back down the road to the local spot when the trails dry out towards summer. I also started racing a bit of local dh last year and did my first gravity enduro – fair to say I’ve got the racing bug now too! So yes I’d say a fair bit has changed in 5 yrs for me but no dramatic changes, I have had a road bike in that time (that I did jogle on then sold) and a cx bike but it’s fair to say I’m a far happier mountain biker than a roadie!

    Premier Icon st colin

    5 years ago I was riding a 100mm BeOne Karma hardtail. I had just got back into mountain biking about 6 months at that point. I regretted not getting back into it sooner. I’m now still on my 4 year old Meta 5 and about to embark on a full season of Irish enduro racing.


    In 5 years? I’m a lot lighter, a little bit fitter, definitely more cautious.

    Bike set up hasn’t changed much apart from a more upright riding position – lower seat, shorter stem

    Premier Icon jameso

    Postierich, top pic vs OP pic.. You are mikewsmith aren’t you? : )

    Here, 5 years has seen more change than the last 15. From 26″ HT with middling HA, 27-30 gears and 710mm bars on rides of up to 5-6hrs to a rigid 29er with bigger rims / heavier tyres, 1-12 gears, h-bars and longer rides of up to 15-20hrs, or days.
    Having been on longer-forked, big-barred compact HTs since ’97 ish it all changed quite a lot in the last 4-5 years, longer rides, clicking with SS more full-time and bikepacking bags changed what MTB is for me and I got a bit fitter overall. Still riding on the road about 30-40% of my time and still ride the same local trails in the same way, some of it quicker, some of it about the same, just with a bit less room for error. I guess I just got old )


    Slimmer Tyres
    Slimmer Bars
    Slimmer Rider


    5 years ago I would have been in the middle of a few years out of riding altogether. I still had 3 bikes from 04 sat in the garage, a 100mm race/trail FS, a 120mm jump HT, and a decent alloy road bike.

    I started riding again about 3 years ago and added a 29er 120mm FS last year, finally going tubeless. Frankly my back thanked me and it definitely suits the loose and rocky trails here. When it gets cooler I plan to recapture and develop my jumping having bought pads and full facer. The 26 FS seems tiny now and will only get used when I have to service the 29er. I don’t really like riding road here, group rides start between 5 and 7am and don’t seem to go further than 70km.


    5 years ago I’d just had my P&J Patriot nicked and swore I’d never buy another decent bike as long as I lived in Oxford.
    I now live far enough away to warrant an Intense Tracer, a Planet X pro carbon, and soon some kind of big ish travel AM bike like the Patriot to re live my youth on.
    The fitness has got better but my handling skills have gone to shit though due to a lack of technical trails, and it being a bloody trek to get anywhere from P’boro.

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