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  • avdave2

    Try SJS for parts. I saw a 5 speed 14-28 on their site recently. They’ll almost certainly have the tools as well.

    Nice one

    Found this, amongst others – are they a fairly standard fit, or are there differning standards for the fitting?:


    The tool mentioned (Park FR-1) looks like an ordinary cassette tool – is it the same?

    Oh – one more dumb question – what size chain do I need?


    I’m not sure on the tools but if you email sjs I’ve always found them very helpful and they’ll be able to tell you what tools you’ll need and recommend a chain.

    Hi…. doing a favour for a friend, he has an oldish Raleigh mountain bike he hasn’t used for ages (Raleigh Max), is thinking of commuting on it, I said I’d fix it up for him as he’s done me a few favours lately.

    First thing I saw when I looked at it – the chain is too far gone to save, it’s rusted to bits, so probably needs a chain and cassette. Problem being – it’s 15 speed, 5 gears at the back – that’s an older style screw on job, right?

    What tools do I need to remove that? Can anyone recommend cheap replacements I can buy online?

    the freewheel tool looks just like a shimano/sram cassette tool until you put them next to each other, the freewheel one is slightly smaller.

    Cool. Might be borrowing from a local shop then, cheers. all.

    Premier Icon stimpy

    The FR-1 tool isn’t the same as a cassette tool – the splines are differently spaced. You can’t interchange them.

    As ever, check out Sheldon Brown for info.


    Take a look at the brand of freewheel (not a cassette just in case it confuses anyone) They all look alike, but can be quite different. I’ve got Shimano and a Suntour one.
    Might be worth getting the LBS to do it as it’s a one off.
    I’ve got a Mailard one to remove, and no tool.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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