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  • allthepies

    Awesome run!

    This picture sums it up.

    Premier Icon Caher

    Very exciting, I was a bit wary of his right foot though.

    The girls might be in trouble over lanes….protest pending, apparently.

    Shame the bbc didn’t lead with the win – even the news goes with bolt first, mo second and then the winners. Odd priorities

    Brilliant run

    THM, they’ve been humping their commentary groins all over Mo and Bolt for the last five years, so this is hardly surprising. The fawning love in has been embarrassing at times.

    Anyway, on to the 4×100 – Adam Gemili (spl?) is a lovely runner to watch. Strong strides, great knee lift, excellent drive. However, for me, the highlight was Danny Talbot. Lovely stuff on the bend, low in to it, driving hard from the edges of his feet.

    Overall – Glorious.

    Oh, and an old man got an injury. 😉


    Third fastest time ever or something?

    Premier Icon twonks

    Awesome indeed. As above I think I saw the last change go outside the lane for the women, but it was only a short replay and shown only once.

    Maybe the TV crews knew it and kept it away 😆


    Superb run. Agree that Talbot was the most impressive for me.

    I’ll miss this after tomorrow!

    Third fastest time ever or something?

    Nah, about the 15th fastest. Jamaica and the USA have run faster loads of times. 3rd fastest country though 🙂


    Just not a result I would have predicted, I would have thought bronze. GB & NI were simply awesome.

    Sad to see Usain Bolt pull up with what looked like a hamstring injury.


    I was sitting in the opposite straight, Gatlin was very quick, half the crowd didn’t know we’d won as we were watching Bolt do a roly poly down the track.

    To be fair to both bolt and farah they’ve earnt the plaudits through winning time after time.

    Pearson was great in the hurdles. The javelin WR is very far about 10m further than the guys throwing today.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    just watched that very impressive! well done!


    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Brilliant stuff. Third fastest of all time 🙂 I think all the coverage team had gone for the US

    Sad to see Bolt pull up but he was running for third so no glory finish for him.


    Ha, I stuck a quick throwaway £5 bet on GB about a minute before the start.
    12/1 , that should buy Sunday lunch 😀

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