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  • 4pot brakes, £200 total budget
  • colournoise
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    MT5 and your existing Shimano levers. Masses of power and pleadingly easy to bleed. Plus, colour coded caliper trims if that’s your bag.

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    Big test here and RSCs won, at RRP too. That deal at Stif looks great.

    The best MTB disc brake you can buy

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    “ MT5 pro would be my choice, the standard ones are bonkers but just need a shorter lever.”

    I have both and prefer the longer levers! Shorter ones look better but the longer ones just feel better

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    Unless you’re ebiking cura2’s will probably outbrake loads of 4 pots and be equal to plenty of others. Couldnt believe the power on mine.

    not a lot of blurb on em but theres a vid or two about them being used on and up to the job of a downhill bike

    Jump up to cura4 and prepare for eyeballs to pop out.

    Plus Paul at Elro is superb to deal with if you need any support.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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