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  • 456 or Summer Season?
  • Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Anyone tried both? Views?


    Summer Season will probably be similar to your Alpine.


    What’s the difference between them supposed to be?

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Same thickness tubing makes it cheaper and stiffer ie normal 456 has tubing that narrows in wall thickness at various sections. no idea why, flexiness, weight saving due to strength in certain bits not being necesary?? your guess is as good as mine

    Head tube is slacker

    Lacquered bare metal that is permeable to moisture means it rusts slowely beneath the lacquer. Looks cool!

    marketing mans method of boosting sales perhaps?

    Love my 456 Summer Season though.

    its called butting, and yes its only purpouse is to lighten tubes and make them more springy. Shouldnt make them any more/less strong though as the material is only removed form areas its not needed. Unless your looking at certain cannondale gemmini and DMR’s which has issues with the tubes being cut in the wrong place so the thin bit was up near the headtube.


    Summer Season definitely 😉


    I bought my SS without trying one, built it with some decent bits and since then my Prophet has been gathering dust.
    The bare metal/clear lacquer finish is great, bike rides light but I felt really underskilled when it took me riding.
    My next frame will probably be a regular 456 if I use my brain or 456SS if it’s the heart I decide with.
    By my reckoning whatever you choose it’ll be great.[/u]


    The Summertime Special 8) is a wee bit slacker in the HT as coolhandluke says. I’ve had a pop on my buddy’s one and liked it. You can get a nice slack head without a long fork – it works really well low slung with 100mm up front IMHO. I’ve not ridden a 456, but have ridden or owned pretty much every other incarnation of the Inbred.

    What did you not like about the Alpine?


    Summer Season will probably be similar to your Alpine.

    head angle is 68.5* on the alpine 66.5 on the on-one, seat angle is a degree steeper on the alpine. with the same fork on i would imagine they would ride different.

    *presuming this measurement is with a 5in fork?


    Had botH with a similar spec, summer season feels better although I am concerned about chain suck (new frames have a pre formed ‘dent’ in driveside to prevent chain eating the frame when it gets jammed between rinds and stays)
    choice then- summer season but both are great for the money – have a friend who did switchbacks spain on a 456 – no probs when the rest of us had bouncers !

    Premier Icon brant

    You can “post weld ovalise” your frame yourself. With a hammer. If you want.


    I’ve not noticed this indent on my new Summer season? Any pics- looks like regular snaking chainstay to me.


    I ain’t got one either and it’s only 4 months old. Got some nice chain suck scrapeage aswell!

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