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  • 456 frame any good for all day fast XC rides
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    Just to follow on from earlier posts… I’ve had an old model Scandal and a current model Carbon 456. For what you describe, I’d recommend the Scandal, it was an absolutely superb XC bike whereas the 456 is more of a jack of all trades. Good, capable, solid performing bike but it excels at nothing.

    Having said that, I’ve heard that the newer Scandals are stiffer- mine was a very compliant ride, actually more so than any steel On One I’ve ridden funnilly enough- if I’d a/b’d it with an Inbred I would have told you the Bred was alu and the Scandal was steel.


    Yeah – I think I’m almost certain I’ll go with a Scandal.

    Does anyone know how to take the standover height (listed on the On One page for Scandal under the Geometry section at the bottom: http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/FROO26SCVD/on_one_scandal_26er_vertical_dropout_frame) ??

    I took the measurement G to be from the floor to the top of the toptube (with wheels on the bike). I must have it wrong because the Scandal is listed at 716mm and my bike measured 890 mm. Any ideas if I measured it from the wrong place ?

    Apart from standover height, the geometry is pretty close to my current frame (which I find really comfy), so I’m hoping I’ll take to it well.

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    Value for money all are hard to beat personally I have had

    Scandal is a great frame. Older one more springy…..indreb was hated in our house……dead weight.
    Also consider
    Pipedream sirrus…..Or scion lighter version…..sirrus good bike
    Prince Albert……the most versatile xc/trail hardtail
    Breathes are nice

    Good luck


    I had a 456 and sold It for a Dialled Prince Albert which I found to be much more fun. While the 456 was fine It did feel heavy and fairly unresponsive. The Prince Albert just feels a much better ride and I’ve done long XC rides and short trail centre blasts.

    The last couple of ‘Alberts’ I’ve seen in the classifieds have went for around £120 where as most second hand On Ones seem to go for around the £80 – £100 range.


    Carbon 456 with some 120-130mm forks works well all day if the frame/geometry suits. Very responsive and lightweight.


    I have had in this order.

    Inbred 18inch
    Inbred 16inch
    Scandal 16inch
    456 18 inch
    456 16inch
    and im back on a inbred 16 Inch,i have ridden various other bike over the years as well but keep coming back i love my inbred 16inch im 5foot7 and have a good 20cm if not more of post out of the frame. For the money you cant go wrong with any of them really.

    Im also going to say the opposite the dialed bikes i hated way stiffer than the on-one and i felt it weight to much. and the sandersons made my inbred feel slack


    I have an early [red] 456 running 150mm ‘zochi bombers and it’s my go to bike most days. I also ran a Scandal with Fox RL80’s, it was a great climber but downhills were too steep with this combo. I fixed this by fitting “illegaly long” [130mm] Revelations. It’s now a fantastic all round flickable lightweight enduro / trail bike. I seem to remember on-ones advice that they were ment as a strickly wheels on the ground bike though.
    Basically, if you like to blast down stuff “behind the bars” go for the 456, if you prefer to pick your way down then get the Scandal. Best of luck with your choice.


    Cheers for the last few suggestions – the Prince Albert and the Pipedream look good too, and are well reviewed by the looks of it, but about twice the price of a Scandal (for new) and less available secondhand by the looks of it.

    There has been a fly in the ointment regarding buying a new Scandal frame – I’ve just found a Cotic Soul going secondhand near me and if I can get it for the same price as a new Scandal, I think I’d go with the Soul.

    Still loving the explanations by everyone posting with what frames you’ve rode/are riding. 🙂

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