400 jobs to go at Notts City Council.

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  • 400 jobs to go at Notts City Council.
  • marcus

    Seems as though the public sector are taking the opportunity to clear some dead wood ! Dont know how you do clicky linky thingy



    4,999,600 to go!

    I thought that civil servants were recession proof!
    I guess the safest jobs right now are teachers


    People who work in local government are NOT civil servants!


    Glad you said JOBS not workers,

    bunch of grey free loaders who cannot get productive jobs in the real world (rant over)! 😈


    bloody hell they should have a cull in our local council.

    if 90% of them were let go it wouldnt make a difference or be noticed cos their all on the fekin sick!

    Our local county council spent 80K on knitting lessons for staff to reduce stress and absence levels!!!


    I can’t say the staff in my local Woolies ever seemed to break a sweat or pop a smile, but I didn’t think ‘Yeah, **** ya’ when they lost their jobs. Must be me, ‘eh


    Some work. Our library services are good.

    But my next door neighbour spent 12 years "on the sick", after Avon CC was split in ’96. He suffered from stress, but couldn’t be arsed to find a stress-free poor paying job. Now he’s on a full pension, off ski-ing. He is just an idle tosser who sucks money from the rest of us.

    It winds me up so much.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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