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  • 4 yr old with upset stomach quick question
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    Get to a proper a/e, a paediatric one if possible and let them look at them. I dont know about your neck of the woods but up here out of hours is just a locum supllied gp clinic. A proper a/e can at least check bloods and do a few other checks there and then..
    Just read the last bit about it being his birthday tomorrow. Bugger.


    Keeping him hydrated ?

    He’s drinking loads and is very happy in himself


    My wife and daughter had something similar when we visited Granada some years back. They spent 4 days mostly on the toilet.

    Me and the boy enjoyed our trip to the Alhambra while they were ill though.

    As ^^^^ make sure he drinks lots.

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    Not a dr but have a four year old (so yep this is an opinion nothing more). If I were you I’d want to have him seen by a doctor tomorrow at the latest as he is still having cramps when he eats. If he is having cramps when taking fluids then go sooner rather than later.

    It’s only when he eats drinking is fine no cramps at all.

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    Ideally get some dioralyte or similar as he will need salts replacing also if its been going on for this long?

    Any sign of blood at all in the passings?


    Danny B

    No blood at all I was thinking the same about the dioralyte he just won’t drink it no matter how we disguise it !

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Needs something – good old Lucazade Sport or do you have any electrolyte powders kicking around. They are pretty much the same thing but don’t taste quite so foul.


    dioralyte he just won’t drink it no matter how we disguise it

    Tip from a doctor I used to know, bit of salt in coke or other fizzy drink.

    He doesn’t drink fizzy stuff or eat chocolate weird child !

    Will dioralyte in morning mixed with weak apple juice

    He’s completely happy in himself boisterous and naughty playing with his brother doesn’t have a temperature and he’s complaining he’s hungry !

    4 yr old has had upset stomach since Tuesday (started at campsite) not really Watery poo but very explosive and he gets severe cramps went to docs on Thursday who said its a virus and it will pass. Obviously only been feeding him plain toast rice and water, it’s still not cleared,called the local out of hours doc today and she said get a stool sample and see gp on Monday !

    Here’s the question every time he eats he almost immediatly gets cramps and has to betaken to the toilet where he does very explosive poo or they are really fluffy little poos ! Either way its not right…

    Does this sound like a virus or just plain old food poisoning ?

    Feel sorry for the little fella its his bday party tomorrow and all he’s gonna get is dried toast!

    Many thanks in advance

    If in doubt call NHS direct or whatever is applicable where you live. They will be able advise.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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