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  • 4 bike towbar rack – what's the best bang for your buck?
  • chomp

    Looking to get out more this summer with the family which now as the youngest is confident on two wheels means we need a 4 bike carrier.

    I’m leaning towards towbar mounted, but not really sure what my options are.

    Thule are what I was thinking before I started looking around, but the Atera Strada’s look good.

    We’ve budgeted up to £400 ish


    Witter: flang mounted – under a ton


    not sure I’d trust the wife with securely attatching bikes to that to be honest.

    While I’ll be on hand to sort it out at weekends, she will hopefully be using it through the week so something that is as hassle free as possible is what I’m after (and happy to pay a premium if it means she can do it all herself) if that makes sense

    EDIT: – I think I was looking at the basic carrier, with none of the actual mounting clips on, so this might be a possibility



    I have this and its awesome, really secure and well made, also all the spare parts are available if like me you lose one of the wee knobs you can order them 🙂

    Premier Icon wheelie

    I’ve found Aiston to be the best, solid and breaks down to nothing.

    £163 plus £15 delivery


    I have got one of these:

    Mottez Rack

    Bought it from Tesco Online a couple of years ago.

    Solid piece of kit (a bit of a lump to carry). Fits four bikes, good value for money.
    Check you maximum nose weight before buying (most larger cars should be OK but four bikes and the weight of a rack can get close). Also check the clearance from your ball hitch to the bumper as some racks need a certain amount of clearance.


    Atera Strada

    Premier Icon GavinB

    I’ve had an Atera Strada for about 3 years now, but not owned one before that, so other than comparing it to friends who have all gone for Thule racks, my opinion could be limited here.

    One thing to think about is the weight of the rack. The Strada is 14.5kg before you add the extra fitting for the fourth bike. The Buzzrack one is 19.5kg. So, probably not a huge difference between them, but still worth checking what your car can take, as once you add in the weight of all the bikes, that can be a big lump hanging off the back of the car. It’s also worth noting that there is no way Mrs B would be able to lift the rack, and set it up on the car. The weight of it is one thing, but also how you have to hold it over the tow ball.

    I’ve found the Strada to be ok, but I really need to take my time getting it set up with whatever bikes I need to carry. 2.5″ tyres are a pain, as the wheel straps are not overly long, so you need to either let some air out, or push down on the wheel to get them to clamp. Likewise, mountain bike frames are generally wider than road bikes, and I have to use cut up pieces of foam to pad between bikes. A wider/longer rack would possibly overcome this.

    Things I really like about the Strada are the tilt/slide function. It is really simple to slide it back (even with bikes on) to open the boot. I’ve seen others really struggle with Thule racks which do not have this as well designed.

    I have one of these:

    Saffier tilting rack

    it’s a hefty piece of kit, but solid enough for 4 dh bikes (and resulting car wheelies 😀 )

    It’s nice and adjustable, generally straightforward (some funky shaped frames can require a bit of headscratching)and nice and secure; the tilting mechanism is handy for getting into the boot.

    Most tyres fit fine… only had to deflate one lot on a mates bike with huge 40mm rims

    I’d certainly recommend it.

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