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  • 3M black reflective vinyl
  • Does anyone use it on their bikes for a little extra visibility? Any good? Any pics of it in action?

    I was thinking of applying it to the rims on my commuter.


    I have done. It’s very good IMO – really stands out in headlights – basically looks like you have lights on your bike.


    Yeh I got some black reflective tape I stuck on the rear of the mudguards on my commuter. Works well.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’ve got it on my seatstays and cranks and in patches on my rims.

    I’ve not seen it from a following car, but in hallway tests it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as bright as the stuff you get on reflectey vests, and the effective angle seems to be a lot tighter as well.

    Might be just as good at getting you noticed by a following car though, certainly better than nothing.

    I’m quite glad I didn’t put it on just to try out though, I really don’t fancy trying to get it off!

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Put it on my seat-stays and forks. Got hit by a car the next morning in the daylight. 🙂


    I stick it all over my helmet, just got a new helmet so waiting for some tape and a scalpel to turn up before doing a proper job. For now though I’ve just stuck on some old bits I had

    Is everyone using genuine 3M stuff? I’m assuming there are some copies out by now that may not be so effective?

    That said – I imagine it’ll never provide the reflectivity of the lighter colours.


    3M are very effective at finding suppliers who support illegal logging etc. they make Specialized look like the WWF. I’m sure the alternatives are good enough.


    Ive covered most of my bikes in colour matching reflective tape, using this sort of stuff.

    All these reflective strips aren’t really visible without any light shinning on them ~

    I have recently been putting spoke reflectors on all my bikes, they really are visible and eye catching.



    Eye bleach please 🙂


    Is that a commuter? Must be fun on a windy day….


    I can understand why you’d want to ride it in the dark though.


    If you commute on your bike you haven’t got much choice in the matter?

    I see lots of people on there bikes, some well prepared like the above… others just waiting to be a statistic. Roads near me aren’t too bad so I get why people choose to ride. I wouldn’t ride/commute in Birmingham though, crazy enough in day light.

    Premier Icon Brother_Will

    Yep i used it on my last bike, blends in well on a black bike but nice and bright when you need it.

    +1 for On the cranks

    Premier Icon JoeG

    If I commuted, I’d probably get a set of these


    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    That stuff might do my pedals so “plod” doesn’t try to fine me £50 for not having pedal reflectors…

    From a thread on here a few days ago

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