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  • 365 days of riding in a year challenge?
  • Premier Icon amedias

    Well, it all started when I was filling in a survey and had to answer the question ‘how often do you ride a bike?’ and I ticked the ‘nearly every day’ option, I attempted this once a few years back and the closest I managed was 312…

    Decided to set myself the challenge again for 2013!

    Rules are:

    1. *days* where you ride a bike, not *bike rides* so you can’t offset a missed day by doing more rides on another day.

    2. *any* bike ride counts, even if you just go down the park and mess about on the jumps for 20mins.

    So far I’ve dropped 6 days since the 1st Jan, so I’m still on target to beat my previous, but only just, I fully expect I’ll not manage to beat 312 cos I have a lot more commitments now, including a full time Job, dog, house, girlfriend etc and most of those were not present the last time!

    Anyone else done/doing similar?


    Nothing like that, but IIRC I think there’s only been about 2-3 weeks in the last 25 years that I haven’t ridden a bike at some time during each week.


    Mattmagic did 365 in 2007 (and iirc another couple of hundred days after that too…) http://www.mattmagic.com/item.php?id=2041


    And I thought taking a picture every day was hard

    Premier Icon ton

    i have missed 4 days since 1st jan.
    i set a goal to ride everyday for a year, but it is very hard to do, bloody families eh………. 😀

    Premier Icon amedias

    keep it up Ton!

    that mattmagic guy did some serious miles 😯

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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