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  • 36 T ring will it be too big?
  • ritchic

    I have 36t and 11-36 rear. I have not ever had to push but grated I don’t live in high peaks. But also do think I do some decent climbing really.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    you’ll get stronger legs…thats for sure

    I’m running 34t on a heavy bike and its reasonably good at climbing. If I only had a 36 then it would be hard initially but 36/36 would still be do-able (in my opinion)

    from my experience on a singlespeed, if you climb often enough in one gear you get used to it eventually, so if the options are new cranks or stronger legs/36t then its up to you to make the choice

    you dont NEED to go 1×10 tho


    No you’ll be fine and get used to it. I run 36 + 32-11.

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    will +1

    it’s only hard work if you don’t ride often.


    It is true it maybe hard for few weeks but your legs will adapt unless you give in too easy an push everywhere


    your legs will adapt

    …or your knees will break. Seriously, honking on too big a gear is a guaranteed way to tear ligaments and wear cartilage fast, and once it goes it takes years to recover, if ever.

    Getting the correct gearing now could save you years of problems in the future.

    Just saying 😐

    Premier Icon Northwind

    36T would sometimes be too much for me, and I’m not in bad shape. People fixate on the steepest stuff they ride, but actually that’s not the issue, after all you don’t generally use a very low gear for that anyway. It’s the long, slightly-steep, drag climbs that get you. Stuff like the climb out of kinlochleven up to the dam, that’s miserable enough with 32.


    Thinking of going 1×10 but as I have SRAM cranks with 120bcd the smallest ring I can fit is a 36t. just wondering if any one is running a 36t and how they find it I live in the high peak area so there’s a lot of climbing and I would rather ride than push.

    I think it will be fine for about 3 hours riding. After that it will be horrible. So if your rides are typically <= 3hrs, it will be fine.

    I run a 32/11-34 setup on my HT and it’s good for <= 4 hrs and then I wish I had my granny ring.


    thanks for the feed back guys

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    I run a 30t front ring with 11/36 outback on my 29er in hilly s/mid wales. Was 32t before but 30t transformed the ride.


    Depends but either way it’s pointless running such a large front ring unless you a) do a lot of road riding and are very fit and b) you don’t want to have the expense of changing your chainset.

    For off road riding in the UK no one needs a 36t; 32t is ample for almost everyone.

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    I run a 38t on my 29er but its flatter than holland round here lol


    I’ve got a 36T and an 11-36 on my Saracen Ariel. It’s not a light bike, but I’ve yet to find anything I can’t get up. I’m in Scotland, so not particularly flat.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    It depends, I used to ride 32:16 in the Peak and got up pretty much everything on that, but on a 1×10 I run 33x 11/36 and it’s pleasant. I don’t think I’d want to run a 36, but then I’m not particularly strong or fit. So yes, you can run it and if you’re prepared to stick with it you’ll get used to it, but it will probably be hard work.

    Then again, based on the recent thread on climbing, most people on here reckon they should be able to clean Jacob’s, so if you’re that way inclined, it’ll be a breeze 🙂


    I am just changing to a 36 as I find that with a 34 around here I am usually climbing in gear 2 on the steeper climbs, and often spin out on the flat (offroad and 1×10).
    My bike is pretty light though, and we are talking South Downs so not the steepest..

    Alternatively you could opt for one of the spiderless rings from Wolf Tooth, Works Components etc., or get an X0 DH spider which will let you fit any 104pcd ring.

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    I run a 11-36 cassette and 26-36 up front on my Five. I can’t remember the last time I used the granny though and have been considering dropping it all together. Still not sure yet though.


    36 Chainring with an 11-34 9 speed cassette. Although I live in the Midlands so not sure it counts, and its on a hardtail so I stand up on nearly all of the climbs.

    26 or 29er? 29er will feel harder as ou will effectively be turning a harder gear becuase of your wheel size. Assuming you are 26″ wheeled, borrow a mate’s bike with triple chainrings and an 11-32 tooth cassette (or indeed a single 32t ring and 11-32 cassette) and try a typical route without using the granny ring: 32-32 will be the same to push as your 36 ring on a 36 tooth sprocket. I have a couple of mates who have 32 up front and 11-34 at the back on 26″ wheels (so a bit easier than 36-36) in devon/dartmoor steepness and they manage ok.

    But as above it is subjective: if you have no option you will turn a harder gear and manage. I have a singlespeed which I ride all over dartmoor for rides of up to 4 hours and 800m climbing, but I also have a 3×9 bike that I will frequently be sat down and in the granny ring on the exact same ride/climbs just because I have the option to do so! 😳


    Grow stronger legs. I am running 38/32-11 on a 11kg 160mm hardtail. I usually do 45-50kms with about 900-1000m ascents in the Surrey Hills. Just came back from 3 days and 85km/1870m in the Peak District (first time exploration). It doesn’t feel like a huge effort. Granted I don’t own a car and usually get around on foot/bike.
    I would rather get 34 or 36 on the cassette, than 34 or 36 on the front.

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