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    Anyone else find the cable routing less than inspirational?

    Bit like the Times crossword…loads of headscratching and it wasn’t becoming obvious to me.

    I’ve ended up putting the rear brake hose and the rear mech cable down the driveside of the downtube otherwise you foul the front mech cable which in itself fouls some of the cable securing points on the way down to an inadequate bb cable guide which also doesn’t seem to cut it.

    Anyone else have major difficulty getting the recommended front mech to work. I used an Xt 9spd mega top clamp, bottom swing, dual pull jobbie. They specify a 2010 one. The one I was using may well have been older. Are 2010 ones different from earlier 9 speed mega top clamp, bottom swing, dual pulls Xt front mechs? Are thwey specifying ten speed only?
    All these questions and many more and Pace are closed for the weekend now so I can’t phone and ask until monday.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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