31.8 better than 25.4?

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  • 31.8 better than 25.4?
  • aphex_2k

    Some great prices on 25.4 bars if you look around. Do people not trust this size anymore? Seems like everything is oversize. Can’t actually say I can feel flex with either size (using the same bars). (Mind you, someone I know on another forum said he could feel a 70mm Hope DH stem flex!).

    So, who uses 25.4 for their bike bars – what ya got and piccies would be nice too – kinda cockpit set up type pic?

    I have 25.4mm on both mountain bikes, Easton Monkeylites on both and an EA70 on one and Thomson on the other. No photos of the bars/stems but I’m sure you can visualise it in your head!

    I have 31.8 on the road and cross bikes, just because that’s what they came with.

    Next time I buy new bars i’ll probably go for 31.8, not because I think it’s much better, but because the bars and stems I’m interested in aren’t available in 25.4 any more.


    Well that’s kind of the underlying issue. I bought a Straitline stem off CRC’s flood sale and in my haste I didn’t even consider if was for standard bars. I actually like the stem (even though its a bit lardy) so started looking into standard size bars and found a fair few. Spank make some nice anodised ones and theres loads more. I’ve been conditioned by the mags to believe that OS is the way and anything else is flexy, weak and will melt in the sun.

    BTW I’m usually so susceptible to marketing / magazine waffle! Looks like I’m gonna order some Spanky bars then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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