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  • bigsurfer

    My daughter has just turned 3 and has chipped the bottom of one of her top front teeth. She has an appointment with the dentist next week. Would they try and put a filling etc. in somebody so young.

    She is a terrified of the hand dryers in the public toilets so can’t imagine she will be to impressed with a dentists drill.

    Really didn’t want her to be scared of the Dentist but I think if they have to do much she will end up that way at this age.


    Same happened to my my daughter about 3 years ago (then aged 2). Dentist did nothing. Over time the teeth are ever so slightly more yellow due to the damaged enamel – but only if you look hard. She doesn’t care less – and she’ll get new teeth soon.

    Then the same happened last year to my other daughter (then age 2 also). We never took her to the dentist though – just assumed it would be the same story. So far, the teeth seem to be the same colour as before.

    So my lesson is, don’t let children walk around. It’s too unsafe. My next child (who has only just got his front teeth) is chained in his bedroom and only allowed to go outside wearing a gum shield.

    P.S. I’m glad to hear that it’s not just my daughter who is scared of hand dryers!

    Is it a milk tooth (I would imagine it is)?

    If so, they will probably do nothing IMO.


    yunki Jr has a chip in his front tooth.. he got it at about 18 months.. it doesn’t seem to bother him so we’re leaving it as is..


    My son had a chipped front tooth and the dentist made it look normal again by using that white filling stuff and modelling it back into shape.
    You cant tell the difference now.


    Stick some kids music or a story book on you’d iPod and let her listen to that while they do their bit, dont let her be traumatized,as a four year old it took 8-10 in the dentists surgery to hold me down as I was kicking and biting them all, guess what 34 years later I hate dentists, even with mine being a foxy little bird called Dr Pritty.

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    When I was small a dentist put a filling in one of my milk teeth. My uncle, who was also a dentist, went mental and nearly reported him to whatever ruling body it is they have because in his opinion it was a completely unnecessary thing to do. I should add, though, that I wasn’t scarred for life and don’t have a problem with dentists.

    Nowadays I would expect any dentist to explain exactly what they were doing and why before breaking out the power tools on my son.

    Incidentally, don’t underestimate your daughter – my three year old boy is still scared of those Dyson Airblade dryer things, but he bravely sat through having a nurse lance a massive haematoma under a nail on a fractured finger yesterday. If you stay calm and use a bit of motivation, promise a treat afterwards, you may be surprised how well she can handle it.

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    My 2 yo niece was running down the corridor. Nice pitter patter sound until she tripped on the clothes she was carrying. Big crash and a bit of crying. She calms down, no dramas and she goes off for tea. As she is chewing away she calmly puts her fingers in her mouth and pulls out her front tooth, then carries on eating. My brother sits there amazed and she sits there like nothing has happened. Tough cookie that one.

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    Wee boy chipped a front tooth at about 2 1/2. Dentist looked but didn’t do anything – just leave it be.

    A few months later, it went grey and got infected and needed antibiotics and and the nerve drilled out. That went OK and it’s been fine for the last year or so.

    Friday night he only falls onto his bed and nearly removes the other front tooth. Dentist says that one’s going to go grey now as it’s pretty squint 🙁

    Good thing they get practice teeth when they’re young.

    Do look out for any infection – wee boy complained of a sore tooth and then a day later the tooth was very loose and all kinds of yellow gunk coming out of the gum. That was a frightening thing to see! Prompt application of antibiotics (and a great dentist) saved the tooth.

    Edit – dentist had him in for a couple of practice visits before doing any drilling to get him used to the chair/noises/environment. Worked a treat and the wee lad sat still for the root canal without flinching. 🙂


    Yes my boys aren’t scared of the dentists or giving blood either, it’s the needle that bothers me.


    My daughter fell and took quite a big chip out of one of her front teeth when she was one – she’s five now and, although it’s still visible, it’s never given her any problems at all. The advice I got at the time was that the dentist might regard getting a little girl to be still for long enough to repair the tooth as potentially more problematic (and traumatic?) than just leaving it alone.

    I would suggest a wait and see approach if the dentist gives that as one of the options.

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