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  • beavis09

    What is the best way to set up a Spesh Tricross (single) for the three peaks challenge?
    I’m thinking flip flop hub, but what ratio?


    a mate was stupid enough to do it SS a few years ago, my advice would be fit gears and go running


    You will not have time to start turning wheels around. Just get a gear that goes fast on the flat and practise on that. Everyone carries up the 3 big climbs anyway. My advise is practise carrying your bike up effing steep hills. And when I say steep, I mean if you can walk up it without having to hold onto something, it’s not steep enough.


    Have a look on Shaggy’s (John Ross) blog. He rode it SS this year and there may be some info on there. The hills are too mostly too steep to ride so I’d focus on getting a gear that works well on the road. Only the start of Pen Y Ghent I could see you having a problem, as it’s good to ride on a geared bike.


    Cheers guys, useful points there. The running won’t be an issue. Having looked on the website, the cheating toe rag who wins it every year swaps his entire bike at the top of one of the climbs – just not cricket IMO, its not the TDF FFS ❗

    Beavis – watch your mouth there, that ‘cheating toe rag’ is a mate of mine.

    FYI he doesn’t swap at the top of the hills, he swaps between hills to get some faster tyres for the road and then back again for the offroad bits. It’s not the tour no, it’s the 3 peaks cross RACE, The idea being to get from the start to the finish in the fastest way possible within the rules of the event.

    I wouldn’t bother with a single gear unless you like walking, running WILL be your problem, you’ll do a hell of a lot of it if you’ve only got 1 gear. you’ll have to pick one for the road at there’s 20 miles of the stuff, you won’t be riding much of the off road bits with that gear is my prediction.


    Beavis – Robb Jebb would win it on any bike you want to put in front of him, he has to play for his sponsors and as the second and third bloke said after last years race, Nick graig was one of them ” jebby would have won anyway” he is a good fella and with a motto of win or loose lets have a booze he can go on winning it for years to come in my eyes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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