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  • 3 hours to kill in Belfast?
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    So I’m in Belfast on Saturday with 3 hours to kill until my ferry leaves – what to do?
    Lunch and pint is good but what to see – what mustn’t I miss?

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    Poor choice of words there…

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    Damn. Cougar beat me to it. 😆

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    OK I’m in Belfast with a few hours spare waiting for the ferry and want to make the most of it!


    Loads to do, great city, go to the Titanic centre, not to far from the ferry.


    “there’s nothing for us in Belfast
    the Pound’s so old its a pity
    and then there’s the Trident in Bangor
    and you walk back to the city”

    Stiff Little Fingers, Alternative Ulster, 1978ish

    I wonder if any of these are still there…


    City Hall worth a tour.

    The Crown for a pint.

    Not done it but a Falls/Shankill tour must be interesting.

    Stormont looks great from the road but it’s out of town and no idea if you can look around.

    I’d expect the Titanic centre to be a modern overpriced attraction and so will never go ;D


    City Hall tour maybe, trip into Victoria Centre and up to the top of the dome for a look over Belfast, followed by a swift pint and a bite to eat in the Kitchen bar.

    Or the Belfast Bus Tour followed by Kelly’s Cellar and a wander past City Hall and back up Arthur St.

    Either of those should fill 3 hrs. Failing that bring the bike & head to Cave Hill.

    edit: re Cynic-Al’s post. Stormont is on the bus tour but the building is not accessible, maybe by appointment. Titanic Centre is a modern tourist attraction but actually worth a visit. However 3 hrs on a Saturday might be cutting it fine unless you race round.

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    go to the Titanic centre, not to far from the ferry

    Really? lolz. Not sure I’d go before a ride on a big boat!


    Not sure I’d go to the Crown for a drink [again] it’s expensive and full of Americans, although, they could be running scared again.
    My favourite bar is The John Hewitt on Donegal St.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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