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  • Travis

    I am often away for 3 days travel, and I’m looking for a bag that would be suitable (must be suitable for flight cabin)

    Any suggestions?


    I left my usual Samsonite cabin bag in another office, only realising about 4 hours before my flight.

    A quick look around House of Fraser and I picked this up


    Cheap and pretty well built actually.

    That said, if you want something a bit more robust, I’ve got a variety cracking Tumi and Samsonites that I love. Just depends how much abuse it will end up taking and how much you want to spend (mine are often loaded with papers, so flimsy cases just get destroyed).


    I got a Slicks25 (theoretically a bike-friendly buisness bag to carry suits and shoes etc). I travel a lot with it. I can get shirts for a 5 day stay (just), laptop, toiletries (airport friendly size of course), trainers and gym stuff etc in it without much issue.

    Premier Icon deadslow

    Try a travelpro: Travel Pro Crew 8
    They are as big as you are allowed. have been stopped a couple of times when boarding and the staff looked surprised when it fits in the sizing cages. You can also unzip it to make it larger and check it in.
    Wheels are silent and replaceable – had to landfill by last antler as the wheels locked and they dont do replacements.
    Had it a year, done 20+ short haul trips, not much sign of wear


    Liking the Slicks25.

    Something different. I am normally smart casual for my journeys, and it also looks like something I can carry onto site as well.

    I was looking at the Porter Boston, but it’s quite a lot, for not a lot, if you can catch what I mean.


    The slicks25 is pretty good. I’d travel back to the UK with mine next week if it wasn’t in my bloody shed in the UK. It will come home with me though. the bloke who makes them usually will throw you a voucher code too.


    Have a look at the alpine lowe tt carry on 40 £60 if you look around

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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