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  • 3 bikes to do it all?
  • Premier Icon alfabus

    7 for me at the moment…

    big bike: transition covert
    trail bike: santa cruz blur TRc
    hardtail: rocky mountain blizzard
    singlespeed/pub bike: orange evo2
    cx/touring: genesis day one alfine
    road/commute/touring: ribble audax
    tandem pub bike: pashley tourmaster

    thinking about buying a nice road bike though 🙂


    Love Tubs

    Oh, and there was I hoping for a fun read loosely based upon a Lord of the Rings word-play.

    3 bikes to Elven Kings, who ride but the fairest of evenings.
    7 to the Northern Dwarves, who are obsessed with building trails.
    9 Ti 29’rs to the race of Londoners, who above all desire attention.

    C’mon, this must have legs………..


    The three I’ve got now, I guess:

    1. Carbon road race / TT bike (2 sets of wheels, 2 seat posts, clipons)
    2. 4″ full sus play/XC bike (Tazer)
    3. 8″ full sus DH bike (Socom)

    I don’t do hardtails any more (they are not comfy enough) and I’m fit enough to drag round a 4″ one-ring bike all day 🙂


    Surly 1×1
    Surly Karate Monkey (Geared)
    Old Gary Fisher HT set up with slicks etc for general road hacking, child seat duties

    The first two are “keepers”. If I had the funds no 3 above would be swapped out for steel CX bike (Crosscheck or CdF) and that would genuinely cover all of my riding needs, although if I’m entirely honest I barely get enough time to ride as it is.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    For me, it would be

    1 Salsa Fargo – an all round great bike that means I don’t need a road or cross bike.
    2 Full suspension mountain bike – I reckon this would have to be a 29er or a 650b Burner. One for big mountain rides, epics in the Alps and such riding where the Fargo would struggle on steep and rocky terrain.
    3 A Fat Bike just because if I am limited to three bikes, I want three dramatically different bikes to chose from. A Salsa Beargrease would do just fine! 😀

    Hmmm. I can see a trimming down of the collection coming. One of my mates has had a bit of an epiphany and has sold all his 26 inch mountain bikes and gone full bore for 29ers.


    Hmm I’d not want to ride my summer road bike in winter. And it would be a right faff not having a specific turbo bike. So that’s three bikes there. How about 3 bikes to do it all on the road, and another 3 to do it all off road? That might work.

    1) Summer road bike
    2) Winter road bike / commuter (guards etc.)
    3) Turbo bike

    Off road…
    1) Big bouncer for proper mountain fun and Alpine trips
    2) 26er hardtail trail bike (~120mm fork)
    3) Hardtail XC race bike (probably 29er)

    I could probably manage with just that lot 🙂

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Not that I have any intention of doing it (selling the others).

    1. Santa Cruz Highball Aluminium – for all off road duties.
    2. Carbon road bike – currently a Spesh Tarmac from 2010.
    3. Condor Fratello for touring duties / commutes etc.

    Gonnna keep the others though so only an exercise in the possible.


    Giant Defy 2 Road bike
    15 1/2 Prince Albert hardtail
    Canyon Nerve XC full suss.

    I’d probably swap the one of the mtb’s for a Cross bike but couldn’t decide which one.



    Roady – boredman
    H/T – Carbon 456
    F/S – 2013 Spicy 516


    I’m here:

    1 big bouncy FR full sus type bike
    2 rigid XC type utility bike with seat for offspring
    3 tidy roadie type bike


    Yep – road bike, mtb and bmx. Mtb is currently a hardtail but i could quite as easily do it with a short travel/fun fs as well.


    Mine are…….

    120mm Ti Hardtail for local trail riding (Malverns) + the odd xc race
    Cotic Soda

    160mm Bomb proof full Sus bike for trail Centers, Gravity Enduros and the Alps
    Norco Six – Heavily blinged

    Entry level Race bike for commuting
    Boardman Sport

    If I was allowed a 4th it would be a 140mm trail bike which would then be the trail center bike.

    If I was allowed a 5th it would be a 140mm beefy Hardtail

    If I was allowed a 6th it would be a low cost rigid singlespeed for grim weather and going to the pub on.

    I think 6 is a good number


    Mondraker Dune with 170mm lyriks – does rad stuff, Alps, Enduros, technical trail centres etc.

    On One carbon 29er – mincy stuff, racing, big days out, non-technical trail centres

    Ribble sportive racing – doing the tarmacs.

    All built up from frames because I’m a snob and a tight-arse.

    If I was only able to have one it’d be a rad 120mm 29er 140/150mm 650b, a spesh cube or a norco I reckon.


    2 is enough

    I have a specailized road bike for riding on the road and an orange five for riding off road. I used to have more MTB’s but found I spent too much time deciding if I had taken the right one on the ride rather just enjoying the ride. So now its easy tarmac = spesh off road = orange


    Currently have:
    Giant Defy Advanced 2 Carbon Road bike
    Ellsworth Evolution 29er
    Lynskey Pro 29 VF


    The 3 I use the most out of the 17 I have are

    a Touring bike (made by me)
    one of my 3 36ers for fun (all made by me)
    1943 Phillips City bike for commuting

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Just done up a spesh enduro 06
    Want a Ti hardtail
    Need a commuting / road bike

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