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  • 3 bikes to do it all?
  • Premier Icon geoffj

    I’m thinking

    1. Carbon road bike for summer use;
    2. Salsa Fargo for all day adventures on natural trails, commuting and touring; and
    3. A spesh enduro for gravity assisted and trail centre fun.

    Time to trim the stable a bit methinks!

    What about you’re 3?


    If I didn’t have the Amazon, I reckon the Fargo would do my touring/softroading/bikepacking roles – so two bikes into one. That would just leave the carbon road bike and the Blur XC.

    And the fatbike. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon luke1688

    I’m trying to do the same! Thinking of keeping the carbon trail bike, 26 hardtail, and the road bike.

    What about you’re 3?

    Well, if I was three, I’d have a balance bike, probably. πŸ˜‰

    Three bikes? Hmmm.

    Road bike, 4″ travel HT and an Enduro for playtime. I reckon.


    Your always thinking of the next bike


    1. SS rigid 29er
    2. Fixed-wheel road bike for commuting
    3. Race bike

    But then I need a Brompton for mixed-mode long distance commuting, tandem for kiddies, winter road bike…

    And my stable was thoroughly trimmed without my approval πŸ™

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    3? I can narrow to 5?

    Big fs
    120mm xc ish fs
    Nice road bike
    Wildcard (a jump bike/fat bike/trials bike/36er/whatever my currrent whim is bike. But only one at a time.)

    Just need the XC and nice roadie, and I’m done πŸ™‚


    1. Race bike (road)
    2. Road bike for training, commuting and poor weather.
    3. Cotic soul for off road fun and general dad duties.

    In fact, that’s the 3 i have and other than the need for shiny upgrades, that’s been me content for about 5 years now. Your experience may differ*.

    *The obligatory asshat clause.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Carbon road bike
    Ti hard tail 26er
    Steel SS ht

    I do have an urge for a well priced 29er, for fun. Something like a Kona Honza, Kinesis ff29, or Salsa el Mariachi. I will be seeing be what the bike shows offers are in this regard on Friday. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Big FS
    Rigid SS


    Currently running 3

    -BTwin road hack
    -Cotic BFe
    -Twenty Tzar BMX

    In reality, I could probably get rid of the BMX. It’s not been out since the park became inundated with small people on scooters. That said, it would be replaced by a proper DH bike.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    road bike
    456 (150mm Fork)
    Downhill bike
    (4 is close to 3)


    My 3 would be a nice Ragley Ti, a blur LTc or a mojo HD and an evil undead.


    Currently my 3 are :-



    Premier Icon Bustaspoke

    My 3 are a 05 Giant nrs 100mm travel full sus for xc
    05 spesh enduro for messing about on & alpine holidays
    2010 spesh allez for road & turbo training.
    I fancy a cx bike next so I think 4’s the magic number πŸ˜€


    I need to have a cull.

    On One Ti CX is going to be replaced by a Fargo.

    Wasn’t that painful after all. Thank you Doctor.

    Charge Tap for road plugging
    Evil Soveregn for winter and messing about
    Giant TranceX for swallowing up big rides
    Crappy flat barred road singlespeed for town

    Oh that’s 4. Sorry.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I have, and just cannot seem to cut it down:
    1. My Sanderson Breath
    2. mrs_oab’s Cannondale F900SL
    3. oab_1’s Islabike
    4. oab_2’s Scott
    5. oab_3’s wee Kona

    hmmmm, how do we reduce it…

    Premier Icon righog

    If I really had to stick with only 3 my list would look like this.

    1. Carbon CX with extra set of road wheels.
    2. Cotic soul. with a 1×10 set up and an extra back wheel to run SS
    5. Orange Five.

    Trouble is I will always be above 3 due to sentimental reasons.

    (starts looking for a Carbon CX bike)


    At the moment I have
    Giant reign
    Giant anthem 29er
    Kona unit 29er ss
    Still want downhill rig


    I think 4 is the magic number, although five is about to come along taking bits off four.

    Ti road bike
    26er hardtail
    Enduro (an old 132mm travel one)

    Enduro is going, transmission and brakes onto a 29er, forks and front wheel onto the hardtail to beef it up a bit…


    1. Hard tail short travel 29er
    2. Full sus, possibly trek fuel ex or spesh camber
    3. Cyclocross bike. Caddx disc, or spesh crux

    …oh and a set of road tyres for the crosser

    Job done πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Cheezpleez – Member
    Big FS
    Rigid SS

    Think I’d go along the same lines;

    1= Fun
    2= Sensible fun
    3= Practical fun

    while I own a road bike it’d have to come in 4th place after the MTBs really…

    Premier Icon rickon

    Ibis Mojo
    Trek Alu road bike with 105

    Sensible, and does commuting, the odd races, big road ride, big mountain days in Scotland.

    I don’t need any more than two πŸ™‚


    Had these

    Cube LItening Super HPC Race – race and summer roady
    Forme Hiver CX/winter road – commuter, training everything in between
    Carbon 456 – MTB, local woods, trail centres.

    Sold the MTB as i dont have time or inclination to drive in order to ride the mtb


    I’m there:

    1. Solaris – all UK MTB duties
    2. Pro6 – commute, winter, other
    3. Tarmac – MAMIL action

    Will hire a bike on the rare occasions the Solaris isn’t enough.


    Mojo HD140
    Cotic Soul (probably)
    Road bike

    Premier Icon boxelder

    On One Ti CX is going to be replaced by a Fargo

    mcmoonter – any particular reason – I’ve an oldish TiX and it would definitely be in my ‘3’ – pretty quick, comfy and tough

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    My three would be

    FS – Turner 5 Spot or Mojo HD (with a spare shock and for for Alps trips)
    HT – Looking forward to getting my new Genesis Latitude frame built up
    Commuter – Budget/Mid priced road bike for commuting training. Canyon Roadlite AL 6.0


    Well I just got to seven. If I had to though: (am i allowed multiple wheels and forks?)

    Hardtail mtb – something light, steel, 120mm with the option to go ss and rigid for winter.

    Cross bike – carbon, light one set of strong cx wheels and ones set of lighter road wheels

    Cheap hack for commuting.

    On-one inbred, slot dropout
    On-one dirty disco

    Premier Icon kimbers

    it works for me!

    kona lava dome commuter/xc (currently upgrading to a new -2005- with p2s and floats depending on use from my 1997 version)

    kona dawg 2008 140mm travel am/enduro bike

    kona stinky 2006 180mm travel dh bike

    also have a bmx but that doesnt see much use tbh!!

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    Pearson carbon audax for road winter and summer
    Ibis mojo for long days in the hills
    Looking for the 29er HT to have as my race bike and do it all for the south. Hoping a salsa el mariachi will fit that bill. Maybe ti if I can afford it…


    Road Bike
    29 HT (to suit)
    26 FS (to suit)


    my current 3 are:

    Vitus Rapide 1 hardtail
    Pacific Reach (custom build) minivelo
    Autum Minion (beach cruiser).

    They are all I need but of course I always want more, maybe a nice vintage road bike.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    456 with rack and choice of 100mm, rigid and 140mm forks
    cheap hack c. 1992
    cheap road bike (but a better cx bike would be preferred)

    Premier Icon wallop

    Currently have:

    Old Skool Cotic Soul which is too big for me so I’ve single speeded it for town, towpath and steps use;
    Orange Five which is amazing for trips abroad and weekends away, but too much for local winter trails;
    Steel road bike which is perfect for winter but I’m too wussy to ride it in the uber cold.

    Wish I had;
    29er hardtail or short travel FS (Superfly?) for local trail duties and UK weekends away;
    Bigger FS for Alpsy stuff, maybe something with 160mm.


    i still need to buy a full sus (no chance for a long time).i have my duster ht and tarmac road bike though to keep me going πŸ™‚


    On One Ti CX is going to be replaced by a Fargo

    mcmoonter – any particular reason – I’ve an oldish TiX and it would definitely be in my ‘3’ – pretty quick, comfy and tough

    Mostly I fancied a change. Last year it was the bike I rode the most, mainly on the road. Once I figured out how to fit mudguards with the disc brakes it was a great do it all bike. But I also have a nice Roberts Audax bike which is even better on the road, I recently did a couple of big tours on it. So I thought rather than have two bikes that I largely use for similar riding I’d switch the CX for the Fargo. Ive run it with BB7s and disc wheels, so it’s a straight parts swap. I think it may be more versatile than the CX.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Kona Ute. So practical, kids on the back, nipping in to town etc.
    Niner SIR.9. Just ace. No suspension, no gears, just supply the momentum & enjoy it.
    Ventana El-Ciclon. Last summer was a novelty on the Niner, but determined to enjoy this come spring.

    Would love to add…

    Salsa Fargo. Just ticks all the boxes & will probably replace the Niner one day.
    Cheap Road Bike, to get a few midweek rides over winter.
    Surly Big Dummy. For when the kids are too heavy for the Ute.


    Currently got three and I’m pretty close to what i want:

    Hardtail XCish bike (NS society, minute MRD forks, 1×9 LX gears, strong wheels, big bars, toddler bike seat mount)
    Road/CX bike (kaffenback, campag centaur gears, road wheels and tyres – looking for a set of cross wheels for it)
    Jump bike (muddy fox duel team from 2000, pikes, planet-x full monty rear wheel, singlespeed)

    Only changes to make really are some CX wheels for the kaffenback and to sell off the other frames and bits knocking about. Oh, and possibly a compact chainset for the kaffenback.

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