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    I have SLX with a Gamut bash and a Blackspire Stinger on my hardtail. I’ve always used Stingers. They work brilliantly.
    There are cheap(er) copies but they are a false-economy.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    E-13 Heim
    Just fitted it as a 2x guide on the ISCG tabs on the Blur LTc. It’s tight with the 40t bash (over a 39t ring) with the mech as it’s direct mount. Fits the frame fine – there may be limited options on the nomad due to the chain stays.

    The Nomad uses the ISCG05 interface, so most guides that are sold with these mounts should fit. We’ve had good success with the following guides:
    MRP Lopes
    MRP Mini G Sl
    E13 LG1 TR
    There are some interference issus with the E13 SRS+ and LG1+, so we don’t recommend those on this frame
    For Dual Ring guides, we’ve had good success with the following:
    MRP 2x
    E13 TRS+ dual

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I’ve used Stingers with good effect on a double and bash set up. Not running a Bionicon chain guide that fits onto the chainstay – like a modern Daves Chain Device.


    I was worried by 1×10 as I’ve been off the bike a while. I fitted an 11-36 casette and a new 30t RaceFace thick/thin front ring. It’s flipping brilliant and still gives a suitable grinding gear.


    Blackspire twinty ! Mines brilliant & I now have silence

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    are those all working on Nomads?


    In the unlikely event that My legs will ever be able to go 1X10 in the peaks I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m probably going to have to stay 2X10 ?

    Which bash set up are folk using ?

    I’m running XT cranks 10 speed they’re 2011i think fom when 10 speed first came out ?
    It’s going on a new Nomad

    Advice much appreciated


    I’ve got a Gamut with the aluminium bash on my Five. It’s been faultless, not a single chain dropped since I’ve had it. It’s light and runs nice and quiet too.

    The bearings in the roller need replacing now though (first time in 3 years) which is easy and cheap enough to do. It’s expensive for what it is though and you could probably get a stinger to do the same job with your choice of bash. When I bought the Gamut I was actually looking for a stinger but they were out of stock everywhere at the time.

    Premier Icon chrispayze

    I used a Stinger on my Yeti 575, but I’ve swapped to the Bionicon jobby on my newer Zesty. I find it works even better. A week in the Alps and the chain only dropped 3 times on to the small chainring in the rough stuff and never onto the BB (which happened occasionally with the Stinger). Doesn’t have the problems with the roller seizing either (the Blackspire roller only has a bearing on one side, so used to find it dragged more and more in the gloop).

    I find that, because the Bionicon holds the chain at a point that is further away from the chainset, there is less chain slap, due to the rearmost length of chain (between the chain guide and the r mech) being shorter. I run a shadow (non clutch) r mech and don’t find it noisy etc.

    I’m running the Bionicon with a set of XT cranks, 38T outer and 24T inner, plus a Blackspire C4 bash, which seems hard as nails.

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