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  • 2Pure-excellent service
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    I sent my 4 years old and well used Crank Brothers Mallets into these guys ( via The Bike Chain) and they were returned with new wings, new bearings, so practically new pedals, within a week, all for the grand total of £00.00.
    I’m pretty chuffed!

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    Thats more than excellent, considering they sell maintenance kits that are dead easy to use & have all the bits, I’d have told you to go **** yourself.

    That not meant to be nasty just realistic, just why did they do it, when you’ve obviously not maintained them?

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    yup, the guys @ 2pure are excellent in my experience too……although i don’t rate crank bros. gear 🙁

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    Well actually I have maintained them; I’ve changed the bearings twice and the wings were just worn with use (jamming in a flattened position).
    Mallets are the only pedal that work for me: I need a grippy flat pedal that is clipless too (I have a fused ankle and need to be clipped in for normal riding and anything where the wheels leave the ground; I really liked being unclipped on slower techy descents though)and these guys tick the boxes for me.

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    From reading on here, the guys at 2pure do provide an excellent service, but I think this is in part due to them having to because Crank Brothers stuff seems to be a little fragile for UK conditions.

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    I lost a suspension linkage bolt on my Mojo. There were no bolt kits in stock on Stif so I emailed 2Pure and they sent me a couple of used bolts through the post for nowt the next day. I was both surprised and impressed.

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