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  • 29er's on the BTW scheme

    What is there available under £1000?

    I thought specialized did a 29er but they dont seem to do it in the UK this year. Kona do some 29er but they look decidedly budget for the price. Could i spec up a custom at my LBS? Do singular/on-one deal with shops?

    what have you bought?



    Haro mary?


    friendly lbs

    on one do cycle scheme but charge £100 for it I think
    which chould be a bit cheecky if you spend less than the £1000
    as the way I understand it they (on one) will effectivy pay cycle scheme 10% of the cost of the goods so could do well out of it if people spend less than the £1000 (I'd guess most spend close to the £1000 though tbh)

    my lbs usually does me 20% off retail but on cyclescheme he only gives me 10%
    as he looses 10% to them (still a bloody good deal tbh)
    Next years cyclescheme opens for me next month, I'm planning a build and looking forward to it already


    I dont know if any of my LBS do haro, and im not sure who we will be using yet but that does look like a good option, cheers.


    Singular definitely happy to do cyclescheme either through one of the dealers which is signed up or your lbs of choice, drop me a line if you're interested.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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