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  • 29ers for the shorter gentleman…?
  • Premier Icon I_did_dab
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    Any real world experience of small framed 29ers from not so tall folks? At 5’7″ I seem to size up at the tall end of small and bottom end of medium for most frames I have looked at.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber
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    I’m only a fraction taller than you and only ride 29ers, Fat bikes and a 29er+ (Fatbikes are 29ers OD)
    Test ride a few, look for a medium or small and you’ll be fine

    I ride
    Small frame for fun, med for xc, large frame for touring

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    5’7″ here and won’t be buying another 26er. Like you, a small or medium frame fits well, usually depending on ETT.

    Premier Icon maxlite
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    5′ 4″ here and won’t be buying a 29er barge….650b or 26er 😀

    Premier Icon covbuggy
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    Similar hight and only ride 29er now bar the FS which when replaced will be 29er also. Size wise I prefer small frame. Test ride a few and see what fits you best…

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Forget the letters, and numbers and get on the thing.

    Premier Icon jobro
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    I’m 5’8′ and ride medium Niner air9 but small Turner Czar both running same seatpin and 50mm stem.
    Like it says above you have to try ’em

    Premier Icon GJP
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    I am 5′ 8″ but with ickle legs 30″ at best. Just bought a Trek Superfly 6, only 2 rides in, but loving it so far. Flies along, free wheels like a road bike, handling will take a little more getting used to. The only downside is I have forgotten the sound little stones make hitting aluminium, bit off putting. Surprised how compliant it feels, my other HT is carbon scott scale.

    I looked briefly at Specialized but feared for my testicles.

    Premier Icon swanky
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    2 recommendations:

    Transition Bandit 29er

    Pyga One Ten 29er

    Fantastic bikes that you sit “in”

    You’re welcome to try out a Pyga on Demo if you want.

    Premier Icon dirtyrider
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    5’6″ and have a TallboyC in a Medium and a Krampus in a Small

    Premier Icon I_did_dab
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    OK, thanks, it looks like I need to do some test rides 🙂

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