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    BB drop is part of it. For the same fore-aft weight distribution and BB height, it’s a bit harder to endo a 29er than a smaller wheel bike due to the higher front axle relative to your c of g, and the ‘roll-over’ effect works with it. It’s something I do notice on really steep stuff.


    Wheel size is a fairly small part of the effect, or at least one that can be replicated with head angle change on a smaller wheeled bike. The one thing you can’t replicate with a smaller wheel is mass distribution relative to the axles. A good 29″ is closer to a DH bike in weight distribution.


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    MB, jumps-hops are relevant to general riding, sure ) I meant (unclearly) the comparison made between liking to hop and liking to roll stuff, ie you wouldn’t ride trails on a rigid purely as you like to jump/hop stuff.


    Well Roverpig Im sure your more than happy with all that opinionated crap , heres the best advise , go to a demo day , ride one , make your own mind up , simples!

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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