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    I went for the ACs for my Gryphon.


    I went for Crests with Hope pro 2’s.


    Hope hoops soob, if you can find them ! Pro 2 evos in crests are hopes 29er hoop.
    Where are the fulcrums from ?


    Fulcrum Red metal 29er SL = £207 or American Classic All mountain 29 = £335.
    Which are the best for a rigid SS?

    Those will be the last set of my discounted american classics all mountains.
    Excellent wheels at a silly price. The hubs cost more than £300.

    Another thought. Are those fulcrums in stock? I wonder as I ordered some stock months ago and we have not had a delivery yet. It’s easy to be cheap when you have nothing to sell. :-).


    I do like the look of the AC wheels and they do seem good value for money.I have seen alot of AC wheels about this year and to be fair not heard anything bad yet. Charlie, how do the hubs hold up to uk conditions? are they as good as hope?
    The wheelset will be going on a Steel inbred 29er with a set of rigid carbon forks so will take a bit of a hammering :0)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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