29er tyres…..thinking conti X-king as an alternative to RRalph, any others?

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  • 29er tyres…..thinking conti X-king as an alternative to RRalph, any others?
  • kuman

    I asked similar question some time ago.


    Decided to stick with nobby nics, I don’t race and prefer more grip over low rolling resistance.


    I really like the Maxxis Cross marks that came on my bike.


    Kuman – cheers for that…..very mixed reviews, i think for £30 its worth a punt though!


    Nicest one that I’ve used is the Specialized Ground Control 2.3. Rolls well, is lightish but not paper thin and inflates tubelessly on my Flows with a track pump. I have the 2.1 version too but haven’t tested it yet.

    If you want something more racy, the Maxxis Ikon is well regarded … I have one unused that came on my new bike if you want to try it but avoid the mental new prices.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    I was just about to get the ground control. Otherwise would have probably gone for NN. Also considered Geax Saguaro. I like the Conti tyres but unless you get the UST versions (which are heavy) then I have never had much luck with them tubeless on 26″ stans rims. Same goes for Maxxis.

    The Beard

    I run X-king’s, but as a 26″ tyre not 29″. Really like them though, good grip and roll fast. Tend to run X-king up front with a race king out back.


    I cant praise the Maxxis Ikon enough, really capable tyre. Use it on my 29er HT and 26 Full suss with no complaints really, handles most terrain very well with the exception of deep sloppy mud but even then it copes better than you wopuld imagine for a small blocked tyre.

    Used to use Racing Ralphs too which i liked but the Ikons have just that bit extra grip on them.


    Geax Saguros again 🙂 Run them on 29er and 26, love them.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    My mud x have really impressed me. Grip fantastic and roll better than my ignitors. My days of tyre swapping are over.


    Moving back to 29er (again) but this time going to use gears and also use as my XC race bike. On the 26er for racing i’ve used RRon and maxxis ignitor, usually 2.1/1.95, dont want to go too fat on the 29er, possibly 2.2/2.2? I also like RRalph and the german sites are doing a pair for around the £40 a pair delivered but saw the conti x-king from on-one for £30 a pair, anyone use these? Just really looking for a fast lightish tyre that will handle most things i guess, also considering running tubeless so any thoughts on the conti/schwalbe non specific tubeless version for this?

    Thanks in advance



    I too have Racing Ralph’s on my 29’er FS and rate them highly for such a lightly treaded tyre, they are the 2013 ones though.

    Used Ground Controls all last year on my HT 29’er and they’re a great all rounder, the Ralph’s are faster but the GC’s have more grip


    I used to use Ralph’s as a summer tyre but with the weather being like it is, wet dry wet dry, changed to X-Kings for the smae speed with more nobs on.
    Intially used RaceSport but the walls are thin & are porous used tubeless so have now switched to ‘Protection’ version. Ues them tubeless with sealent without issue.


    I have 2.2 X King on hardtail and 2.35 Racing Ralph on FS, both 29er

    I prefer the speed and grip of the X King

    I’ve just got some WTB bronsons.

    + grippy in anything from dry to soft conditions.
    + went tubeless first time on stans rims
    – no grip in propper liquidous mud
    – feel quite light (relative to my other tyres, but then I’ve got mostly heavy tyres for all day rocky reliability), I’ll have to check pressures but I pumped them to 30psi last night and they felt a bit squirmy through corners. Might have lost pressure though as it was their first ride tubeless.

    Overall I like them.

    Got some skinwall SB8’s for the summer 8)

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