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  • Premier Icon ahwiles

    standard response:

    on-one smorgasboard for the rear, chunky monkey for the front.

    i use smorgasboards rear AND front, i like them, i haven’t died yet. but it seems most people like a bit more ‘chunk’ on their front tyre. As the name might suggest, the smorgasboard is pretty good at a bit of everything. the Chunky monkey is similar, but with bigger knobbles.

    £20 each, bargain.

    Premier Icon tommid

    Are a set of tyres really going to make that much of a difference?
    If she is nervous, you’d be better off spending the time building up her confidence.

    Although I suggest never mixing cycling and partners. They don’t mix, unless you met through it.


    If you want to stick with Bonty and want more grip try the 29-4, they’re more grippy.

    I have the 29-3 as an all rounder and they’re great.

    Out of curiosity, what do you intend to do with the lesser treaded ones and are they TLR versions?

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Bigger tyres, and lower the pressure – she’s probably lighter than you remember – plus make them tubeless if possible.

    They’ll deform better on the rough bits and feel more secure. On a 29″ you might not even need new tyres, they do seem that bit better gripping on even light treads.

    Premier Icon mboy

    The Bontrager 29-4 would be a good bet as said above.

    If you’re interested, I’ve got a brand new pair of 29-4’s I don’t want still on their cards, never been fitted. They’re £35 each normally, yours for £45 the pair posted if you want them…



    My other half has a Trek Cali 29er. The tyres that came with it (XR1 or 2 possibly…) are a bit lightweight for serious riding.

    I’m looking for a set of tyres that will make her feel confident on loose and rooty terrain as she really is a nervous rider. Any recommendations? Ideally £25 per tyre maximum as I’m not really convinced that she’ll make full use of the tyres. That said, if there are some expensive but outstanding tyres that come highly recommended I should consider them…

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    Premier Icon neil853

    Personally I’ve been very impressed with specialized purgatory and butchers

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Personally I’ve been very impressed with specialized purgatory and butchers


    And spec are doing a deal at the moment so you can get them for £20 an end.

    Whatever tyres she has, make sure the pressures are low enough. 29ers should run lower pressures than 26ers (like for like) and light people should run much lower pressures than heavy people. And slower and gentler riders can run much lower pressures than faster and more aggressive riders without risking squirming or burping.


    i use smorgasboards rear AND front, i like them, i haven’t died yet.

    Also run this, somewhat surprised by how good they turned out to be, too.


    I would say Chunky Monkey front Smorgasbord rear.


    If she’s still a Newbie a Chunky Monkey is probably overkill – smorgasbord front and back should do nicely. They work really well tubeless.

    Offers on specialized purgetry and ground control at moment £20 a tyre and recommend them both
    See specialized website


    Thanks for all the responses and apologies for the delayed response. I don’t get any time at weekends for this sort of stuff.

    Confidence: Yes. Tyres will help as the bike won’t slide around as much. I’m trying to boost her confidence. Fact is she need to get out and ride more. If new tyres can help her confidence (placebo effect?) then she’ll feel safer and then ride more and get better etc. As for mixing; I want to ride more and this is one way of doing it without complaints… 🙂

    I’ll hang onto the old tyres for winter training rides but thanks for the offer.

    I’ll try bigger tyres with lower pressures. I’ll stick some DH tubes in first (if available). I don’t think her wheels are tubeless ready.

    I’ll check out the tyre suggestions and the offers.

    Many thanks.



    I ordered the Trail Extreme Folding Bead Dual compound tyres.

    I’ll let you know how she gets on with them.

    Thanks again,


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