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    So… Love my 26″ Reba Teams with blackbox damping in the dry, hate them in the wet. Why? Cos they have naff all tyre clearance! Run anything bigger than a 2.1″ tyre and the tyre clogs. Fox’s seem to have much more clearance, but then so do Rockshox’s own Revelations.

    Looking at building a 29er soon, looking for a 120mm travel fork with bolt through axle, tapered steerer, and well controlled damping. But critically I’ll want to run a decent sized front tyre (say 2.3″, but certainly bigger than a 2.2″) most of the time. So what’s the clearance like on 29er Revelations (I’m aware I’d have to shorten them from 140mm to 120mm)? Fox are out of the game to be honest, too expensive for my tastes. Used to be quite a Manitou fan years ago though, and am curious again now I heard they got they’re more reliable again these days. Or what about the Marzocchi Corsa SL’s going cheap on CRC right now?


    I have two sets of the Reba’s and one set of Revs and there is far more clearance on the Revs (especially as both my Reba’s have the offset leg problem which means they have loads of clearance on one side but tyre rub on the other!).

    If crc still have the cheap revs then go for it, loving mine on the Honzo, running at 130mm.

    Premier Icon mboy

    I remember you showing me the offset on your Reba’s! Hope they sorted that one out in the end…

    Yeah looking at cheap Rev’s from CRC or On One, and would shorten the travel slightly. Glad to hear they’ve got loads more tyre clearance…

    Any more opinions from anyone else?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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