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  • Any recommendations?

    I’m after something that can take a 2.50″ tyre. The WTB Laserdisc looked promising but has had some very mixed reviews.

    I think I posted this before the site was hacked but cannot be sure…

    Anyways, I’d be grateful for any pointers.


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    Stans flow if you want to go tubeless.

    Salsa Gordo if not.

    Thanks sss

    Which ones are you using?

    Kris Holm if you want a monster sized downhill rim. It is 10mm wider than all the rest, which makes a real difference when running low pressures in wide tyres. Narrow rims + wide tyres really sucks if you don’t want to run 40 PSI in them.

    Although you pay for it in weight – 800g a rim.


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    Dead easy to tubeless with all the bigger volume 29er tyres.

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    kris holm, like what i got.
    boy they are wide.

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    I think the KH’s are a big overkill.

    Unless you’re ton size. 😛 😉

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    sstu, it is landing tomorrow.. 😀 8) 😆 :mrgreen:

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    BTW I built up some Sun Ringle Equalizer27s the other day. Only 19mm bead width but they built up really well, straight and easy to true, and the quality isnt too bad at all – just one or two tiny marks where you can see where the rims were hung for annodizing. Got mine for £35 each from CRC.

    Cant bring myself to spend THAT much on those Gordos. Mad price!

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    Get some pics up ASAP.


    You’re such a tightwad mate. 😉

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    yeah. I can afford to be. 🙂

    Out on this today withouth the SUBS. much much improved.

    I like the Salsa rims but a bit steep [especially with a new fork I will have to get].

    Ho Hum


    I’ve got Halo Freedom (I think) 29er disc rims, the ones on their pre-built wheels. They are nice and wide, feel pretty comfy, but are quite heavy. I like though.

    Thanks everyone

    I think the ZTR Arch looks the most promising.


    bontrager duster rims look nice; got some waiting to be built up. (thanks sam :D)

    Halo freedom sound spot on. Wheels are £190 a pair, rims are £39 each and 28mm wide. Damned relaible wheels. Email if you want some charlie@charliethebikemonger.com

    Thanks charlie

    How heavy are the Halo Freedoms?

    Ideally I’d like a light but wide rim.


    Freedom 29ers are 635g.

    DT Swiss all the way for me. No other rims is as well made or builds up as well. Having built wheels professionally for 10 years I have seen a pretty good cross section of rims!

    TK7.1’s are ok but might be a little narrow if you like bumping in to stuff…hard. I have run WTB WeirWolf 2.55’s on them with no issues but I am pretty light.

    The D470 29er rim is really good price, width and weight. I have some on my rigid bike and have not had to touch them once despite some rocky descents / low tyre pressure. Only down side is the tacky (but easily removable) stickers on them!


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