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    I got halo vapour 29s. Finding them more than capable


    My stans crest / maxxis ikon set up was perfect for smooth fast surrey even though a bit bendy and noodly. Mindlessly brought them to the lake district and destroyed the rear rim (flat part and rim dinged) and flagelated the Tyre until latex came through the walls like a colander. The flex made technical climbing too imprecise. So what rims should I put on the hubs to stay light enough for surrey but stiff and strong enough for the cake district?


    I got an Arch Ex/ Hope hubs wheelset to replace some On One Reet ‘Ards. I wish I’d stuck with the Reet ‘Ards.
    They flex, the spokes come loose and they are not much lighter either.
    They tubelessed dead easy wih some Smorgasbord tyres though.


    I would be tempted to try the Halo Vapours. They are a similar weight to the Arches but slightly wider, and by all accounts build into a reasonably stiff wheelset.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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