29er rigid fork measurements – advice please

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  • 29er rigid fork measurements – advice please
  • Hi Guys
    I’m currently using rigid steel forks on my 29er unit single speed. I would like to put monocoque carbon forks on. Obviously the niners are the ones i’d like but not in my price range. On-one do these
    Now my delema is this….. as I understand it 29ers are 465mm. These are 450mm. Would I notice any difference? Can 15mm really make any noticeable difference ?
    Sorry if this has been asked before.


    Remember you’re looking to emulate the A-C of suspension forks when sagged, so depending on what forks your frame is designed around these will probably be fine. For example I put some 460mm rigid forks on my Dialled PA to try and recreate the handling of the bike with 120mm forks fitted – that’s a 26″ wheel. Hope that made sense!


    Isn’t it 10mm = 1 degree of head angle change? ish


    Sorry, just re-read and you’ve already got rigids on there! D’oh! FWIW I suspect you will notice little difference although it may marginally speed up the steering.


    Can’t see it being that different to putting smaller tyres on. Think the unit has a head angle of 70, might make it 71 ish. But quite a few 29ers are 72 anyways. Seat will come forward a touch too I suppose. Dunno if it would cause structural issues, but be surprised.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    17mm = 1 degree.

    I think that makes sense to me. Slight 1-ish degree headtube angle change, would b 15mm lower at front.? Am I reading it right ?
    So should be OK then.

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