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  • Premier Icon ahwiles

    get an inbred.

    have a look on ebay, but they never come up.

    a new one will cost you £130, try it for a couple of months, if you don’t like it you’ll be able to sell it for at least £80.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    How tall are you ?

    I loved the 18″ 29er Inbred I had. Instantly felt right. Was on a 16″ 26er Inbred, always felt too small. (I’m 5′ 8.5″)
    Ride a Niner now, that’s 5 times what my Inbred cost, but have to admit its not 5 times better. Was set on a Solaris but got fed up waiting in the end. Would love to try one though.

    Consider rigid forks also, the work a lot better on a 29er. Might keep costs down. Singular’s Swift steel rigid works very well on the Inbred.
    Remember, will almost certainly need a shorter stem. Flat bars are in vogue with 29ers, I never got on with the few types I tried. Low-rise std bar works for me.

    Okay so I really really want a 29er hardtail. Love the Cotic Solaris but the 500 quid price scares me off. May have to buy myself an on-one inbred frameset bundle in order to get a cheapish frame/fork combo. Reckon I can pick us some wheels somewhere. Have all the rest of the kit on other 26er bikes or in garage. What would you go for? Could just keep with my 26 inch bikes but the urge is becoming ever more powerful.

    I’m 6’3. I reckon the larger wheels will suit me both size wise but also the kind of riding I do. I like to go up hills. I also like the gnarly stuff too. I really love big days out in the hills.

    Premier Icon liam1974

    I have a 21″ Inbred and Im 6’5, Its a great bike for ups and downs and gnarly stuff although tight switchbacks through trees can be tricky.
    I done a few long days in the peaks and found it great for that to.
    I have mine set up with Suntour Epicon forks and wide flat bars.

    Premier Icon jasonm945

    I have a scandal and can recommend them. Doesn’t have an aluminium type ride at all.



    I too have just satisfied my 29’er curiosity with an inbred, silver Recon and wheels combo from on-one. I’ve only had 2 rides on it but I’m amazed at how quick it is uphill and how nimble it is going down. I’m running it with the forks set to 100mm travel and 1×9 chainset.


    I have a scandal and can recommend them. Doesn’t have an aluminium type ride at all.


    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Enjoying my Surly Karate Monkey, especially since I Alfined it.


    Scandal here,rides like my 853 Pipedream!

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