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  • 29er forks on a 650 – will it be horrible?
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    TL:DR – Cheap 29+ forks available, going on a Whyte 901 until I change to b+/29. Stupid?

    Longer version: I’ve got a 2016 Whyte 901 with Sektor Golds (42mm offset, 519mm A2C) on it, and I want something a bit burlier. I’ve seen some 29+ Yaris for a good price, which, with a new air shaft, I could alter to 130mm, but both the offset(51mm) and A2C(553) will be a fair chunk different (so +9mm on offset, +34mm on A2c), Or in their current 100mm config they’d be within 4mm of A2C.

    My long term plan is to switch to a new frame for B+/29er (the 29+ is 12mm longer in A2c than the 29, so I’d consider that difference to be negligible), for which these forks would seem great, but obviously they are far from ideal on the current setup.

    In a nutshell, would it ride like crap in the current setup for a few months? I love the flickability of the Whyte, and I know it’s going to compromise it (although the degree and a half off the HA could be fun), but I’m wondering just how much. Anyone with actual real world experience of this sort of change? I’ve got a feeling it’d ruin the bike.



    Noooooo body? #sadface

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    Difficult to answer which is probably why no one has… 😉

    I’ve got a 650b FS (Norco Sight) with a boost 29/B+ Reba @120mm and a standard 650B wheel – in theory, the fork is too long and the wheel too small which may cancel each other out to some extent but it does ride fine. IME, you can actually mix some pretty different/supposedly incompatible components and get a bike that rides fine – may sometimes feel odd for a few mins to start but IME you adapt very quickly. Caveat there of course is that if you’re a princess/pea type rider you may find it annoys you…

    Personally, for what you’re describing, I’d give it a go. If it really was terrible I’d buy another (second hand) fork to tide me over until the new frame and then sell it.

    IME, you can actually mix some pretty different/supposedly incompatible components and get a bike that rides fine

    I agree. 10 years ago I believed into the engineering skills of the bike designers – and changed way too little on my bikes. Since I skipped this “believe” biking is much more fun now.

    The mix might be great – or not so great… you have to try it.

    I have 29” RS Pike 160’s on a Dartmoor Primal plus 27.5 frame. It’s supposed to be slack anyway so it’s great fun still, I have no idea how the different offset affects it but it rides nicely. I figured I’d cut the travel down to 140 or 150 to cancel the difference out but to be honest there’s no need. I think you’ll be fine.


    Thing is, you just got to try it really.  Having said that, that amount extra height on the front will result in a noticeable increase in bb height (say 14mm).  Whether that is an issue for you is a matter of taste.  I got a Genesis Tarn frame and put 140mm rather than 120mm travel forks on it, so that is +20mm on the a-c.  With 29″ wheels (which would raise the bb to the top of the range compared with 27.5+ anyhow) it is a bit high feeling but I have got used to it.  With 27.5+ wheels it feels fine and I have no plans to get the fork travel reduced.

    Your +34mm on the a-c is a bit more again, so definitely you will notice.  How does the bb height feel currently?  Whyte quote a bb height whereas Gene3sis quote aa bb drop so there isn’t a direct comparison without some calculating.

    The change in seat angle could be compensated for by shifting the saddle forward on the rails.

    If it feels too high, you could go the whole frankenbike and stick a 26″ wheel in the back.  That would be well cool.

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    You won’t notice any difference TBH…

    I ran 29er forks on a 650b until I upgraded the forks … and I was tempted to stay at 29er forks.

    BTW my local suspension specialist hint that is a good way of ensuring more mud clearance.  The difference is may 10mm at max …

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