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  • 29er fork on a cross frame
  • wilhay

    Any reason why not?
    may slacken off the angles a bit.


    it’d be way off. a 26″ fork would be too long.

    Cross fork normally ~405 mm long
    80 mm 26″ fork 420
    100 mm 26″ fork 440
    29er fork 470.


    What he said.


    Run a pace rc31 420mm on an old major jake frame. Works ok. Possibly has a little more flex than a cross fork. Also allows fitting an mtb wheel up front. I did run a 29er wheel for one ride. Was ok handling wise but i did worry about ripping the headtube off.

    Any reason why??

    There may be better options.


    muckin around… I ride cross, was considering doing a few XC raceas and cant pass another bike past SWMBO scrutiny… it was just an idle thought..

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    Only way would be to try it! My cross bike is a lot lower at the front that my 26″ hardtail. So a fork would certainly radically change the geometry. The cross bike BB is quite low and the head angle pretty steep so it might improve the offroad handling in some respects!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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