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  • 29er/27+ swappists – what forks do you run?
  • submarined

    I’m desperately trying not to buy a new frame for another niche. Part of this is around fork choice – so, when people have bikes that they swap between the above, what forks do they choose to suit? Boost 27.5s, or 29ers?

    I was looking at a Transmitter, with the intention of running 27.5+, but there are a few cheap 29er forks that would fit my purposes at the mo.

    Premier Icon lovewookie

    all about axle to crown. 29er forks will be slightly longer for the same travel.27.5+ forks should be OK with 29er tyres, but you may struggle with fat (2.5) 29er tyres for height under the brace.

    Boost forks will most likely be fine with 27.5+, rockshox recon/reba non boost 29er forks will cope with 27.5 2.8″ nobby nics too.

    there are quiet a few threads on MTBR about distance between the fork seals, often the narrowest part of the fork and what tyres fit.

    I’d go for 29er boost to be on the safe side.

    Premier Icon nemesis

    As above, it doesn’t really matter boost or not – I’ve used QR and boost with b+ and 29er and really it makes no difference other than what actually fits the frame.

    Currently my plus bike is boost (fork is a RS reba boost or a rigid boost fork) so that’s what I use (29er wheels are non-boost so using them with adapters)

    For the forks, the key is having clearance for b+ – that will typically be a fork that can take both b+ and 29er wheels but most of the newer, bigger clearance forks are coming as boost.


    Boost 29 Revs here.  Do everything I need and I’m not fussed about a slightly longer A2C.  Gives me the option of more skinny 2.4 29er tyres anytime.


    I’ve used a 29er Marz 320 LCR Carbon, 29er X-Fusion Slide and 29/650b+ X-Fusion McQueen (Boost).

    Both 29er forks were 51mm offset and would take a 2.8″ 650b+ tyre. The McQueen has a 46mm offset and takes a 650b+ 3″ tyre as well as a 2.4″ 29er tyre.

    All forks were/are 120mm travel.

    Other than being a great fork, the shorter offset on the McQueen noticeably improved wheel ‘flop’ and low-speed handling on the bike (67-ish degree head angle hardtail).

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    I did it with a set of non-boost 36s, they had plenty of room for a 3.0 Nobby Nic. I trial fitted them into non-boost Pikes and they did fit but the flare at the bottom of the arch was right where the tyre was widest so it was seriously tight.

    Which proves Boost is horseshit, all it needed was some changes in crown shape that could have been done with standard spacing, but that’s by the by… These days if I was getting a new fork to do plus in I’d most probably go boost just because that’s where they made the change. and it’s obvious that normal forks are on the way out

    Which proves Boost is horseshit…

    Does it? I thought Boost was based more around wider axles to make for better wheel triangulation.

    i thought we were all running the 29er fox 34 rhythm off that german discount bike shop

    £190 delivered, i’m running 27.5×2.8 but plan to get 29er 2.4 wheels

    Premier Icon vincienup

    I’m running Yari boost 29/27.5+ forks.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Last I looked a couple of weeks ago the German 34 Rhythms had gone up considerably to more like €450-550 which is probably what they should cost in Fox price scales…

    Premier Icon richP

    I use RS Sid boost (29/27.5+ model) for xc racing and riding.

    Light with good clearance, I’ve run 3.0″ in 27.5 (rocket ron) and 29 (chupacabra) in mine.

    Think the reba boost use a very similar lower so should give the same clearance.

    Premier Icon chrismac

    I have a set of non boost revelation 29er forks in mine. The frame was designed as a 29er frame so the geo stays right and then put the + wheels in

    The back end gets a little tight with 2.8 Nobby Nics in but its all good.


    I had Fusion Sweeps (or whatever their 29er fork is) and while the clearance at the fork seals was tight it was OK so long as I didn’t run the plus tyres at too low a pressure

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    Boost 29s here.. Pikes and Revelations.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Fox Float Performance 27.5+ Boost forks here, run both 2.8 650b+ tyres and also a set of Nobby Nics 2.3 on 29er wheels. Still a good cm either side between tyre and fork crown. Probably manage a 2.4 or 2.5 at a push if required.

    Premier Icon momo

    34 rhythm on the HT, 36 on the FS, both in 29er boost flavour. Plenty of room for 27.5×3

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