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  • Having read an article in mtb action regarding wheel sizes, comparison of 26, 27.5 and 29. Even though inconclusive as to the benefits, somehow 27.5 (650b) just seems right, looks right and would seem to be easier to implement from a frame designers point of view.

    Anyone out there know if this new wheel size will become the norm, eventually, when, not gonna happen?

    As I suspected, as long as they spin, no one really gives a hoot!

    I feel the same about 650B .. it makes no claims to offer radically different performance changes from 26" or 29ers but unlike the other 2, wasn't simply born of convenience (26" became the norm due to the availability of cruiser tyres in the 70s & 29ers are just 700C road wheels)

    Although 650B has existed for years as a touring/road standard (although there were some 27.5/650B bikes built by tom ritchey BITD) it has required a real joint effort between manufactures such as Pacenti, Velocity, White Brothers and Jamis/Haro simply to bring it into an 'MTB existence'.

    I started Dinosaur Bikes to bring 650B to UK riders, making a small selection of 650B products available for people to try.

    I know Singular cycles and Pipedream cycles among others are releasing 650B orientated frames this year so it is a case of when not if!

    650B is attacked for being a bit 'niche' but unlike many hair-brained/fly by night MTB standards, this one makes a lot of sense… Good ideas don't tend to go away.

    if you want to know anything else about 650B stuff in general, contact me @ david@dinosaurbikes.com


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