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  • Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    In short – which one should I get?

    I do not want to go expensive such as the KS Lev at about £250

    Looks like my choices are:
    X-Fusion HiLo
    or Forca Sports SPS400 (which I think is a GD copy)

    Thoughts please.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve got a GD Descender and a Traildrop (GD copy)
    Both really good, presently using the Traildrop. I could be persuaded to sell the GD…


    My Hilo is about to get its 2nd winter. I’ve not touched it, its been faultless (cursed it now!)


    Ive got an ICE V8, think it was £80 from Purebike. Not brilliant, fair bit of play after a years use but does the trick on my hardtail.

    Secondhand Gravity Dropper – they’re so easy to service, parts are cheap and they’ll refurb one for very little cost too. Been using mine for almost three years on my lone MTB in all weathers, serviced it properly once. Can’t really see the point of air springs or hydraulics in a dropper post!

    Premier Icon Simon

    +1 for Gravity Dropper, simple and reliable.

    Premier Icon cardo

    Another +1 for GD


    Happy with my GD which I’ve had since 2008 or 9 now. Replaced inner post, bushings, and cable for about $40 a couple of years ago and it is as good as new. Now have a 30.9 bike and thought I’d upgrade to a lev, but this works, is simple and is paid for so no hurry for that!


    HiLo still working well for me, went through a squeaky phase a while back but a drop of fork oil fixed it

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    thanks all – DG/Forca it is then.


    Hi lo for me, had it for over a year with no problems 🙂


    I’m getting on well with my TMARS £75 post. Seems a new design for this year has eliminated any problems. No long term test here but I’m hopeful.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I put a Tmars on the wife’s bike. Was about £60 from ebay direct from Taiwan. Took about 3 weeks to arrive. Seems to work OK. Not as slick as my Command Post but fine. Similar design to the Gravity Dropper

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Gravity Dropper’s a good used buy as every part’s replacable and they’re dead easy to service- no mysterious sealed canisters or parts that are too expensive or impossible to replace. But they’re too expensive new really.

    Premier Icon Simon

    All true Northwind, both of mine were 2nd hand.


    I’ve got a forca in very good condition which I bought on here
    £50 posted 🙂

    I am still holding out for the thompsom 27.2…. PLEASE!!!!

    Premier Icon paladin

    I’m holding out for a white one, is that vain?

    But I may give in and get a hilo for Xmas :mrgreen:


    I got a HiLo for £140 from Wiggle and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Keep it greased and it works faultlessly.


    I’ve got the Forca.
    Cheap, easily servicable
    Build quality not great, plenty of play in it now, very basic and the lever isn’t very good.
    Overall I wouldn’t recomend it at the price I paid (£90ish IIRC) but a cheaper second hand one may be OK at the right price.

    Been using a hilo on 456 for 3 winters now, never had a problem, never been serviced still running sweet 🙂

    Premier Icon FOG

    My son has a Hilo but it has never worked very well, slow to return. Tried various methods to improve it with little success


    Has anyone got any experience of the 2nd generation hilo?
    I’ve got a 100mm old style version which has behaved for over 2 years now but I switch it between bikes so never used the remote.

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